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Internships / Stages

InternshipAmsterdam, the Netherlands

Degree level


Job function


Required language

Dutch (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 1 years

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Internships / Stages: Marketing, Sales, Data, Customer Support, Finance, Administratie

Note: we currently only offer internships for native 🇳🇱 Dutch, 🇫🇷 French, 🇩🇪 German or 🇸🇪 Swedish speakers, please don't apply if you are not a native speaker of one of those languages!

We always have opportunities for internships at Springest. You'll find some of the involved circles and roles below. Our aim is always to hire interns that would consider working for us after their studies as well, because we invest a lot and expect a lot back from you. We therefore also prefer (near) full time interns, but it's definitely OK to combine it with your thesis research. 

🇳🇱 Stages bij Springest, natuurlijk ook in het Nederlands!

🇫🇷 Les stages chez Springest sont aussi pour les frenchies!

🇩🇪 Praktikum bei Springest, natürlich auch auf deutsch!

This site is written in English, because Springest is an internationally oriented company. Of course we also offer local internships, but it's important that you are comfortable speaking and writing English, to communicate with your international colleagues.

Overview of Springest internships (stages bij Springest)

For every internship we need at least one of the mentioned languages as (near-)native speaking and writing abilities. 

Marketing internships (Marketingstages) 🇳🇱 🇫🇷 (sorry, no 🇩🇪 and 🇬🇧)

Internship overseen by: Bram Speelman. You will work closely with the SEO and content marketing roles. Together you ensure that Springest is on top when people look for learning. You will get experience in one of the most important disciplines in online marketing: Search Engine Optimization. A perfect kickstart of your career within the online start / scale-up scene. Note: native Dutch, German or French language is required for this internship. 

  • Writing content for Springest and external parties (for linkbuilding / PR).
  • Approaching other websites (via email and phone) for sharing content and placing links to Springest.
  • Researching and defining potential projects for other teams to improve our platform.

Sales / business development internships (Verkoopstages) 🇳🇱 🇫🇷in Amsterdam, 🇩🇪in Berlin

Working with and learning from our international business development team of 10+ people. Internship overseen by: Ewout Meijer. Your responsibilities might include:

  • Pioneering the expansion of our business into a new market. Opportunities occur dependent on ongoing business development. For example the expansion into the Belgian and French markets.
  • Performing market research in the Learning & Development sector of new potential markets
  • Researching & improving user happiness: are we helping our users reach their full potential? 
  • Learning how we striking deals & partnerships with learning providers
  • Researching opportunities to better leverage the existing product features and our network

Data quality internships (Datakwaliteit / onderzoek stages) 🇳🇱in Amsterdam, 🇩🇪in Berlin

Internship overseen by: Detmar ter Huurne. As a Data support intern you will learn how to give feedback on support questions from providers and partners on data integrations, for learning products, user reviews, and bookings. You will derive the user needs and process requests with the Product team to automate these integrations further. Next to that, you will have the chance to write scripts to preprocess data, and improve on data quality and quantity on our platform. For example, scraping data from websites, API or other data resources, to add to Springest.

Customer support internships (Klantenservice stages)  🇳🇱 🇫🇷in Amsterdam, 🇩🇪in Berlin

Working with and learning from our Provider Success team of 6 people. Internship overseen by: Samir Bashandy. Your responsibilities might include:

  • Researching ways to service our customers better in a scale-able way, now and in the future
  • Providing support to our customers and processing the feedback directly into our product/service
  • Doing in-dept market research, how is the provider landscape developing and how can Springest benefit from this. 
  • Exploring ways to expand our businessmodel by adding value for providers
  • Creating and analysing overviews of competitors in the market (or new markets)

Finance internships (Financieel / administratieve stages)  🇳🇱 in Amsterdam, 🇩🇪in Berlin

Working with our finance team on our own bookkeeping as well as the extensive financial services (invoicing, payments) we provide to our large corporate customers. Internship overseen by Luca Wartna.

Your responsibilities might include:

  • Processing incoming invoices, including correct administration in our bookkeeping
  • Providing support to our customer support team or directly to the customer about financial questions
  • Creating Google Spreadsheet overviews and management reports of processed transactions and payments
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Springest helpt mensen groeien We verbinden je met alle mogelijkheden om je professioneel en persoonlijk te ontwikkelen. Vind en vergelijk opleidingen, trainingen, cursussen, boeken, artikelen, vragen & antwoorden en tests. Springest heeft de meeste gebruikerservaringen, de makkelijkste zoek- en filtermogelijkheden, het meest complete aanbod en persoonlijke aanbevelingen. Zo vind je bij Springest altijd groeimogelijkheden die bij jouw leerstijl, wensen en budget passen.

Marketing & communication
45 employees

What employees are saying

Anonymous (glassdoor)

Senior Sales Executive

Ik heb een voltijdbaan bij Springest (Langer dan 3 jaar)
Springest is georganiseerd op basis van het Holacracy besturingssysteem. Dit staat lijnrecht tegenover een hiërarchische cultuur. Hierdoor is iedereen verantwoordelijk voor zijn/haar eigen activiteiten en productiviteit. Er is geen manager die vertelt wat je moet doen, maar je...

Anonymous (glassdoor)


Ik was werkzaam bij Springest 5 dagen per week waaronder 3 dagen stage en 2 dagen als bijbaan. Springest ziet je niet als een stagiair maar als een volledige werknemer. Je zult al snel eigen rollen met verantwoordelijkheden krijgen. Deze verantwoordelijkheden breiden zich uit naarmate je laat...