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INTERNSHIP Infrastructure & Operations Developer

Internship in Delft, the Netherlands

Degree level


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Required language

Dutch (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 5 years

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Do you want to see what is like to work with growing, ambitious and free-spirited team, and to work on real-life problems? Then we might have the perfect internship for you! As Solar Monkey grows, we face several infrastructural challenges, we have some cool research topics, and you might work on one of them!

Make Solar Monkey stack auto scale with the workload

At Solar Monkey the web services run with different workloads. Some services are memory hungry, and others can be CPU-intensive or I/O intensive. The workloads often have their peak times and quiet times. We want to make use of the autoscaling features cloud providers offer to make our server fleet changes according to the demand. This will solve the scalability issues when we're suddenly under capacity and save us costs during quiet periods.

Make certain workers serverless for the stack

In our stack we have asynchronous works performing various tasks in the background. Some of the tasks can be CPU-intensive and while executing, requires much more resources than other tasks. However these tasks do not run constantly, which makes maintaining a cluster just for the workload wasteful. We want to see if there are ways to move such workloads to a serverless architecture, so that it will provide us with a scalable pool of resources without us maintaining the infrastructure.

Increase the observability of (parts of) our stack

We have central logging (ElasticSearch, now moving to GCP Stackdriver) and we have metrics (in Prometheus, and we combine them in Grafana). However, a lot of times you still don't have the big picture of what is going (wr)on(g). We would like to set up an observability pipeline, starting with more structure logging and emitting events and traces. Perhaps try out Let's research!


Please take the effort to apply on this vacancy. We’ll get back to you, promised! Degrees tell us less than code, so don’t forget to link to your social coding profile, tell us who you are, what you like to do and what gets you out of bed each morning. Then we can start talking about the possibilities as soon as possible!

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Solar Monkey is een ambitieuze, energieke en jonge organisatie actief in het voorspellen, monitoren en garanderen van de opbrengst van zonne-energie, gevestigd in de technische incubator bij Yes!Delft.
Op basis van metingen en geavanceerde rekenmodellen berekenen en garanderen we de opbrengst van te plaatsen zonnepaneel systemen. Wordt de beloofde opbrengst niet behaald? Dan betalen wij het verschil. Hierbij is niet...

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ir. Mels van Hoolwerff


ir. Mels van Hoolwerff

''Creating a sustainable energy supply is not only the right thing to do to for a cleaner environment, it is also essential to become a powerful and independent player in the world economy. The most direct, and hence per definition the most efficient form of energy is...

ir. Jan Pieter Versluijs


ir. Jan Pieter Versluijs

'' It is my biggest passion to be an entrepreneur in the field of sustainable energy. I am convinced that solar power will play a key role in the energy generation of the future. Although solar power is growing rapidly the market is still too immature. With...