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(Senior) Manager Audit & Assurance

Job in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Degree level


Job function


Required languages

English (Fluent)
Dutch (Fluent)

Work experience

5 to 7 years

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  • You are a qualified Registered Accountant;
  • You have at least five years' experience of auditing practice within the accountancy sector;
  • You have excellent communication skills in the Dutch and English language (written and spoken);
  • You possess a mix of skills in areas such as coaching, answering questions on everyday professional matters, acquisition, and mobilization of knowledge and expertise;
  • You have good project management (planning and control) skills;
  • You are an effective communicator, have good social skills and enjoy working in a team;
  • You are ambitious, talented and driven.
  • You are innovative and think out of the box to make processes more efficient.


As an (Senior) Manager Audit & Assurance, you will be responsible, together with a team and a partner, for the entire project, from the initial contact with the client through to the evaluation of the engagement. You will serve as the customer’s point of contact and your responsibilities will include the planning and completion phases of the customer’s financial statements. You will also conduct tasks aimed at auditing the customer's internal control measures. You will be responsible for supervising and carrying out the internal audits.

You will help develop a relevant network at clients and prospects. Making effective use of PwC's network, you will be partially responsible for acquiring new engagements at both new and existing PwC clients. Using publications and lectures, you will also be a strong representative of PwC.

As a (Senior) manager, you will have a supervisory role in projects. Furthermore, you will act as a mentor to more junior colleagues who you will coach and who will look to you as someone with whom they can discuss work, ideas and suggestions. You will evaluate their work and ensure that they are able to continue developing both professionally and personally.

You will be working with different teams. The size of the team can variate depending on the client from 2 till 10 people. The team exist out of Partner/Director till starter. Everyone on the team has their own responsibilities in order to sign at the end the annual report.

What do we offer

Working at PwC means working with a range of customers and inspirational colleagues under extensive employment conditions that have been put together with due consideration for your future growth and flexible approach to work and life. You will be part of a small, enthusiastic and motivated team that will take you and your ambitions into account. Our employee benefits:

  • An open working atmosphere, where you can practice a lot of feedback and receive feedback;
  • A knowledge organization where you can learn from, and grow into, a top specialist;
  • Flexible work;
  • Team events;
  • The ability to work abroad after a number of years;
  • Many trainings, both focused on soft skills and subject matter;
  • A coffee bar for relaxing (with colleagues)
  • The ability to employ you within the regular working hours for Corporate Responsibility, different networks, diversity, innovation and / or recruitment;
  • A lot of coaching and an eye for your personal development;
  • Lease car;
  • Laptop, iPhone;
  • At least 30 holiday days.

Je zoekt een baan en je zit vol ambitie. Met je frisse blik weet je hoe zakelijke en financiële dienstverlening beter kan. Daarom krijg je bij PwC alle ruimte voor je initiatieven. Kwaliteit voorop, maar dan wel op jóuw manier. Het gaat ons niet alleen om wat je hebt gestudeerd, maar ook om jouw ideeën. We vinden het belangrijk dat...

Finance & banking
Active in 158 countries
5,500 employees
60% men - 40% women
Average age is 31 years

What employees are saying

Henk van Vliet

Manager Audit & Assurance

Henk van Vliet

Sinds 2011 ben ik in dienst bij PwC. Ik voer controlewerkzaamheden uit voor nationale en internationale klanten. Soms is de combinatie van werk, studie en privé uitdagend, maar alles wat ik de afgelopen tijd heb geleerd bij PwC op persoonlijk en vakinhoudelijk gebied geeft enorm veel energie!

Bart van Osch

Senior Manager Indirect Tax

Bart van Osch

Bij PwC adviseer ik op het gebied van supply chain, mergers & acquisitions, internationale handel en heb zelf samen met collega's de Nordic Desk gezet. De meerwaarde aan het werken bij PwC vind ik de vrijheid en mogelijkheid om al je persoonlijke talenten te ontplooien en ontwikkelen.