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Job in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Degree level


Job function


Required language

Dutch (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 5 years

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Associates at Strategy& are typically high achievers with a Master’s degree and exceptional academic record, who are fluent in both Dutch and English.

Our Associate hires come from a variety of degree disciplines and backgrounds. They have international experience, participated in extra-curricular activities and demonstrated the energy, commitment and drive necessary to succeed at Strategy&.

As an Associate, you will perform a wide variety of tasks. On any given project you might be asked to analyze a company’s costs to identify savings, build a business case to assess a potential opportunity, construct a presentation to illustrate solutions to client executives, conduct interviews to gather data, or research companies to gain external market perspectives. Associates also contribute to other activities in the office; they are often at the forefront of organizing social activities, get involved in pro bono work and attend recruiting events. This by no means defines the limits of what you may be doing – the profiles in the ‘Our people’ section provide a glance at personal experiences of consultants at Strategy&.

What we look for

  • High level of general intelligence, intellectual curiosity and academic achievements.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills (both quantitative and qualitative).
  • Personal leadership qualities.
  • Business sense, including the ability to develop a 'big picture' view.
  • Professional presentation and communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently whilst simultaneously being able to forge productive team relationships.
  • Initiative, enthusiasm and strong motivation.

The wide array of backgrounds and diversity among our people is highly valued, as this is one of the secrets underlying the power of our teamwork. If you want to realize your full potential while making a difference for clients and society, Strategy& is the place for you.

How to apply

Strategy& accepts applications for full-time and internship positions via our website throughout the year.

The application process

Step 1

Gather the information you will need to fill out your online application:

  • Cover Letter (in English)
  • CV (in English)
  • Master’s degree transcript
  • Bachelor’s degree transcript
  • High school transcript

Step 2

To fill out your application, click on the link below and fill out the application form. For Experienced Professionals, please use the “Senior Associate” button to fill out the application form. Before you can fill out the application form, you are required to create an account. Attach the requested documents and make sure to double check the form before finalizing your application.

Apply now

Step 3

Your application will be forwarded to our Amsterdam recruitment team. After all necessary documents are submitted we strive to get back to you within one week.

Step 4

Should your profile match our current recruitment needs, the recruiting team will contact you to set up a first round of interviews.

Important note: Please apply to ONE specific job posting only.

Interview process

The interview process at PwC's Strategy& Amsterdam is generally conducted over two rounds. Both rounds consist of three interviews of one hour each. All interviews involve time dedicated to your motivation, background and experiences. We will ask questions about leadership, team skills and other relevant experiences, and we will test your motivation for strategy consulting in general and for Strategy& specific. A case discussion will follow, where we try to understand how you go about analyzing real-world business problems. We also try to reserve the last 5-10 minutes for any questions you may have.

A case is a scenario modelled after a real business situation or management problem. It is usually based on a past client engagement that the interviewer has worked on. The case portion of the interview is an opportunity for you to show us how you solve complex business problems - perhaps in an industry you are unfamiliar with- and how you structure your thoughts on these issues.

The case discussion makes up about half of the interview. The best preparation is to practice many case scenarios in which you talk a partner through the case by generating defensible hypotheses and solutions.

Case interview preparation

We have all been there... that moment during an interview when you are asked to solve a case. Even when you are completely unfamiliar with the subject matter, you can still “crack the case”!

How to crack a case

  • Listen carefully; ask questions if there are any points you do not fully understand.
  • Once the interviewer provides the case parameters, summarize the information to the interviewer in your own words to make sure you understand the problem.
  • Then, take some time to think for a minute; do not be afraid of the silence!
  • Find a way to structure the problem to guide the discussion. Briefly describe the framework you plan to use to the interviewer allowing him or her to offer comments. In general, the simpler the framework the better. Once the interviewer agrees with your framework, stick to it!
  • Start with the first element of your framework and work through the answer out loud so the interviewer can evaluate your analytical structure and help you along.
  • Try to be aware of the time you have, moving through your framework at a pace that allows you to touch upon all elements you described at the beginning of the case discussion.
  • Pause periodically during the discussion to give your interviewer a chance to course correct. If your interviewer gives you some advice, take it — assume he or she wants to help you!
  • Toward the end of the case discussion, be prepared to take a stand — most case discussions require some sort of recommendation. Although you might feel uncomfortable taking a stance with so little data and time to discuss all issues, trust the exercise and give your recommendation based on the conclusions you were able to collect from your discussion.
  • Be confident and perhaps most importantly — relax and try to have some fun! That may seem difficult, but you will be more relaxed if you practice, practice, and practice before the interview.
  • You can get sample cases to practice with from the consulting club at your university. Do not read the cases ahead of practicing — find a partner (ideally a student who recently completed a consulting internship) to practice with you. Don’t be embarrassed if sometimes you do not crack the case immediately. No one performs well on all cases, especially in the beginning!
  • Remember there is no single way of answering a case. If you have demonstrated your thought process and have come to logical and reasonable conclusions, you will have successfully cracked the case!

Style points

  • Remain calm, take time to think
  • Be concise, pragmatic and action oriented
  • Take notes if necessary
  • Think out loud
  • Sketch out your ideas if appropriate
  • Maintain eye contact

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact our recruiter Celine Koppers via Like our Facebook-page to stay informed about the latest news on Strategy& and our recruitment activities.

Amsterdam Recruiting Team

Celine Koppers (Campus Recruitment)

Phone: +31 (0)6831 96926


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