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Master Thesis in Energy Storage | Electrochemical Generation of Clean Hydrogen in PEM Water Electrolyzers

Internship in Petten, the Netherlands

Degree level


Job function


Required languages

English (Fluent)
Dutch (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 1 years

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Climate change and pollution resulting from predominantly fossil fuels usage require our society to pursue clean and renewable energy sources. Hydrogen ranks as the most abundant and promising energy carrier with energy density of approximately 3 times that of gasoline and no adverse environmental footprint when produced using renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy. Splitting water to produce hydrogen in Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers (PEMWE’s) has been recognized as an ideal solution to the intermittent nature of the renewable energy sources. Excess renewable energy stored in the form of molecular bonds (Hydrogen) that can be used to run fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV’s) and/or electrify the chemical industry (Syngas production, chemicals/fuels synthesis, etc.). However, for the widespread adaptation of PEMWE’s the cost of the components and their durability/lifetime should improve significantly. This internship provides an exciting opportunity to address the challenges associated with PEMWE’s components, esp. with respect to (electro) catalyst and membrane, to name a few. You will be using in-situ/ex-situ (electro)chemical/electroanalytical methods and synthesis to investigate novel components performance/durability for use in PEMWE’s.


You are an enthusiastic master student looking for an internship of 6-9 months. You have a chemical engineering, chemistry or material science/engineering background and you are eager to learn about electrochemistry and electrochemical methods. You are pro-active and independent with good communication skills in English. You will be working with a diverse team of scientists/engineering/technicians with a wide variety of expertise to make up for a great learning experience.

Among others, your main tasks will be:

  • Conduct literature search to benchmark the know-how present as state-of-art.
  • Perform electrode fabrications, electrochemical cell preparation, characterization and analysis.
  • Participate in group meetings, provide feed-back, discuss results, and propose solutions.


You will be living in Noord-Holland area with breath-takingly beautiful sceneries and living environment. The area, well-known for its sandy beaches in Petten and Bergen, provides a quiet and most beautiful environment for outdoor activities (boating/sailing, swimming, biking, etc.)  with easy access to the nearby larger cities such as Amsterdam and Alkmaar.

TNO is an independent research organization whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organizations, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole. Innovation with purpose is what TNO stands for. With 3000 people we develop knowledge not for its own sake but for practical application. To create new products that make life more pleasant and valuable and help companies innovate. To find creative answers to the questions posed by society. We work for a variety of customers: governments, the SME sector, large companies, service providers and non-governmental organizations. Working together on new knowledge, better products and clear recommendations for policy and processes. In everything we do, impact is the key. Our product and process innovations and recommendations are only worth something if our customers can use them to boost their competitiveness.


You want to work on the precursor of your career; a work placement gives you an opportunity to take a good look at your prospective future employer. TNO goes a step further. It’s not just looking that interests us; you and your knowledge are essential to our innovation. That’s why we attach a great deal of value to your personal and professional development. You will, of course, be properly supervised during your work placement and be given the scope for you to get the best out of yourself. Naturally, we provide suitable work placement compensation.


Then please feel free to apply on this vacancy! For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Note that application via e-mail will not be taken into consideration.


Innovation with purpose: that is what TNO stands for. We develop knowledge not for its own sake, but for practical application.
TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way.
Do you want to do ground-breaking work in multidisciplinary projects, seek out new knowledge? Do you want...

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Thymen Wabeke


Thymen Wabeke

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Michiel van den Baar


Michiel van den Baar

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