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Internship “Testing of Innovative Engineered Fibers (for Automotive Friction Systems)”

Internship in Arnhem, the Netherlands

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English (Fluent)
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0 to 1 years

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Internship “Testing of Innovative Engineered Fibers (for Automotive Friction Systems)”

The research organization of Teijin Aramid in Arnhem includes approximately 130 employees. Research is done to improve existing products and processes and seek new technologies.

Within the pulp section of the group Pulp & Shaping we are looking for candidates for an internship on engineered short fibers (Twaron pulp products) who work on new developments for these Twaron products in automotive applications.

The department

The activities of this section comprise development of new engineered short fibers (Twaron pulp) for existing as well as new applications (markets). Think of Twaron engineered short fibers for friction (brake pads, clutch facings), sealing (gaskets) and paper (friction paper) applications. The section has a very innovative approach and a strong link with marketing.

The assignment

One of the key areas of interest of marketing is the use of Twaron engineered fiber in automotive applications. As an engineered fiber Twaron pulp is being used in the automotive industry already for many years and main applications are in:

• Friction paper (for friction plates in automatic transmission systems)  [Wet Friction];

• Brake pads [Dry Friction];

• Sealing materials [Gaskets & Sealing].

With CO2 emission reduction as main driver manufacturers of AT-Systems (Automatic Transmission Systems) are looking for options to reduce (size, weight) and optimize their systems. As a consequence the demands on friction paper are increased, a higher performance of friction paper is desired.

The most important trends concerning the development of friction paper are:

• The friction paper should be capable of dealing with higher shear forces (improved shear strength);

• The friction paper should show a higher CoF (Coefficiënt of Friction) with a positive slope, and;

• The friction paper should show a porosity similar or (preferably) higher than current papers do to let the oil (ATF) flow through the paper in order to cool the paper.

Twaron pulp is an essential component in friction paper for friction plates in AT systems and contributes to a large extent to all three desired properties mentioned above.

The degree of fibrillation and fiber length determines for the most part the (shear) strength and porosity of the friction paper. In addition the aramid pulp also adds to a certain level of the CoF.

End 2017 we invested in a new lab version of a tribometer to study the impact of aramid pulp on the friction behavior of friction paper in more detail.

The research question to be investigated deals with the impact of different newly developed Twaron pulp types on the friction properties and the behavior and performance of friction papers made with these pulp types.

Would you like to participate in our research group and help to develop new engineered short fibers in particular for the friction paper market? In our well-equipped laboratory you will investigate the impact of different engineered short fibers on friction properties and performance of the friction paper. With your suggestions, our account managers will approach potential customers.

Your profile

Eligible students of Universities (possibly HTS / HBO) in the direction (technical) physics, chemical engineering and materials science/engineering.


The internship is available immediately and has a minimum duration of 4 months (start and duration of the internship period will depend on the training period within the course).

Internship remuneration

Depending on level of education, we offer an excellent fee (based on 40 hours per week).

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