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Cloud Native Engineer

Job in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Degree level


Job function


Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

3 to 5 years

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Why this job matters

IT has become the core asset for most businesses. Our Cloud Native engineers guide our clients through this increasingly complex IT landscape.

We build confidence with cloud technologies and help clients transition to a modern architecture. Our engineers also work with Cloud Native vendors on next-generation open-source tools.

What we look for

Background in development or operationsExperience with at least one programming language and/or scripting (e.g. Go, Java, Python, C++, Bash).Experience with microservices (e.g. CI/CD tools, technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos) is valuable.We are cloud agnostic. Any cloud experience (AWS, Google, Azure) is a plus.Cloud automation and infrastructure provisioning (Terraform, Ansible, Cloud Formation etc).We value consultancy skills and community work, such as open-source contribution, meetups and conference talks, and/or blogging. We’re more than just engineers.

Why apply

You’ll be in charge of shaping a new IT architecture for some of the best companies in the world. We work in small, self-managed teams that take full responsibility for the projects. We’re not tech/cloud service resellers. We mix the best open-source tools and services that make sense for the project. We move fast and deliver mainly short-term projects (2-4 months), mostly working from our offices. We automate the infrastructure of our customers and deploy orchestration layers on top of it to run apps and data.

Least but not last: At Container Solutions we have a unique company culture based on trust, collaboration and learning every day from great colleagues. Next to developing your skillset in this special environment, you will get the chance to be involved with the latest technologies. Apart from that, we really take good care of you, with sweet perks such as everyday catered lunch, office massages and flexible working hours. MacBook or ThinkPad? - you choose, since we strongly believe that people work best when they are comfortable. Come join us at Container Solutions - we love our people!

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We are Cloud Native strategy and technology experts. We support cloud migrations. A unique approach that starts with understanding the specific needs of our clients.
Container Solutions specialize in helping customers to shorten the time it takes to deploy, rollback, and develop their software applications. We do this by having a narrow focus on programmable infrastructure whilst cultivating a wide set of capabilities in leadership, software development and operations.

75 employees