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DevOps Engineer (English version)

Job in Delft, the Netherlands

Degree level


Job function


Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

1 to 3 years

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Currently not living in the Netherlands? Or only temporarily? We only process your application if you have a permanent work permit. Why? Because the application process for a permanent work permit goes hand in hand with a lot of uncertainties and bureaucracy.

Do you have an almost insatiable hunger for knowledge and a technical background? And are you looking for a job where you can work in a scrum team full of enthusiastic technicians? In our DevOps team we want to take big steps in improving how we offer our software to our customers and the upscaling process. With you in our team, this will become easier and more fun!

what are you going to do?

The ‘formal description’ is that you’re responsible for a stable infrastructure in which we run our customer environments and that you make it possible for the organization to grow continuously. However, we’re not really formal. So how would we explain what we do? Well, the DevOps team works with cutting edge technologies, and that’s pretty cool. We host over 3000 customer environments which are updated twice a week and need 24/7 uptime. That’s why we keep on challenging ourselves to see if we can go faster or make improvements.

Tech Stack

Do you have relevant technical experience? Then this list will give you an idea of the tools we work with: Puppet, Terraform, Azure, Influx, Nagios, Elasticsearch, Python and Kubernetes. We use these technologies on Windows and Linux servers, MS SQL databases, firewalls and VPN servers. But, it’s not about what we currently use. It’s about a curious mind and an abstract way of thinking.

Where will you be working?

With 6 colleagues in total, we’re not a big team. We are supported by 3 SaaS support colleagues. We are social technicians with a big love for what we do. We find it important to be open to each other, which also means that we give feedback. In our team, we can say everything and we always listen to each other.

We work according to the agile principles. You’re probably familiar with them. There’s always something to do when it comes to maintenance, improvements and working smarter. So, we as a team determine what has high priority in our backlog. During our 2-week sprints, we deliver what we’ve committed to. Retrospectives keep us on our toes and show us what improvements can be made.

We expect you, and the team, to be playful with technology. Mind you: playful, but responsible. In the interview, we would like to hear what you’ve figured out and implemented tech-wise in your previous or current job.

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TOPdesk begon bescheiden op een zolderkamer in Delft. Twee pas afgestudeerden werkten daar aan iets dat nu servicemanagement-software TOPdesk is. Het bedrijf TOPdesk is uitgegroeid tot een internationale speler en heeft vestigingen in 10 landen, met meer dan 700 medewerkers. En we blijven groeien!
Ambitieus, hoogopgeleid en op zoek naar uitdaging? Wij zijn op zoek naar starters en young professionals die deel willen uitmaken van ons team!

Active in 11 countries
450 employees
60% men - 40% women
Average age is 30 years

What employees are saying




Hallo, welkom bij TOPdesk
'Leuk dat je nieuwsgierig bent en een kijkje achter de schermen wilt nemen. TOPdesk is één van de leukste bedrijven om voor te werken. Intermediair heeft ons een aantal jaar op rij uitgeroepen tot een bedrijf met een zeer hoge medewerkerstevredenheid. Waarom is dat...


Afdeling Development


Ruimte voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling
'Buiten werktijd geeft een aantal developers de cursus “programmeren kun je leren” aan collega’s. Het idee is ooit ontstaan omdat developers het leuk vonden om de rest van het bedrijf te laten weten hoe deze afdeling te werk gaat. Allerlei mensen doen mee aan...