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Analyst Intern

Internship in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Degree level


Job function


Required language

English (Fluent)

Work experience

0 to 1 years

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Our team builds products that enable people to work on what they’re passionate about. Over the past year we worked on GlassDollar, an investor discovery tool made for founders. Next, and this is where you come in, we want to turn the fundraising game upside-down. 

We have been (successfully) testing a model upon which start-ups are exposed and introduced to top investors instead of having to waste their time and resources to go out looking. Gone are the days spent sending hundreds of cold emails to VCs – use GlassDollar instead. 

This internship:

Your primary occupation will be that of analyzing data, and jointly build an infrastructure able to matchmake investors and founders. Acquiring and pre-processing data consists of developing deduplication systems, data cleaning scripts / pipelines etc, processing data such as adding exchange rates or adding geodata etc. 

The actual matchmaking revolves around improving our algorithm, which is fed with data from founders submissions, investors historical data & investment criteria investors share with us. Finally, data integrity is important to us, so building systems that safeguard our data is an important part as well. 

As a member of the team, you’ll be welcome to participate in direction meetings, evaluate new designs, refine data and generally give feedback and work on all aspects of GlassDollar.

We’re all intrinsically motivated, which enables us to work remotely and not have fixed working hours. We use slack and video calls and we meet in person regularly, in Berlin or wherever convenient. We work on the tasks we’re excited to work on, when we’re excited to work on them. We think you’ll enjoy it too ;) Indicatively, you’ll need 15-20 hours/week available for this position. 


  • SQL & Python are both primarily used and necessary, PHP Laravel is beneficial but not needed. Further general data savviness naturally is important.
  • Excellent communication skills in English. Data, and using it as a tool to connect people, is right at the core of what we are doing. Consequently, we need to communicate and align on how we are developing this core strength.
  • Organization and diligence. You’ll be juggling lots of different projects, responsibilities, threads and you’ll be expected to stay on top of it all.

Good to have: 

  • German and/or Dutch. Cause we speak those too.

This internship is not remunerated on a salary basis. We strongly believe that all long-term members of the team should own part of GlassDollar; if our relationship becomes long-term, this will apply to you too.

When applying, we’d love to hear how you relate to our mission and how you see yourself contributing to it.

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GlassDollar connects founders and investors. We collect, display & design data in a beautiful and simple manner so that founders can quickly find the right investor and get back to creating.
We hold the belief that great companies should not need to waste their time fundraising for months, but instead to flip all this around and let them be found. We work on making this reality happen next.

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