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Are you looking for a job, internship or placement in engineering?

With a career in engineering, you can become one of many professions such as an aerospace engineer, civil engineer, automotive engineer, electrical engineer etc. In order to successfully start your career, you can do a masterclass as a technical engineer or do a rotating engineering traineeship in one of the biggest oil and gas companies. There are many engineering related firms in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom, both large and small, so there is enough to choose from as a graduate.

Find your perfect engineering internship, graduate job, graduate scheme or traineeship. There are even inhouse days or events in engineering available to meet your future employer and colleagues.

Which companies have the highest number of open engineering vacancies?

The companies with the highest number of engineering vacancies are

  1. VDL Groep (108)
  2. TCPM Ingenieurs & Adviseurs (54)
  3. VIRO (53)
  4. Sweco (44)

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