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internships in The Hague

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Internships in The Hague

Would you like to do an internship in The Hague? Here will find a list of internships in The Hague that you can apply for right now.

Types of internships in The Hague

There are many types of internships available in The Hague. Since The Hague is home to all Dutch ministries, there are plenty of opportunities of doing an internship in the Dutch government in The Hague. There are also a lot of private companies that offer internships in the Hague. Examples of internships that are being offered are communication internships, legal internships and HR internships. Are you looking for a graduate internship in The Hague? Check out the overview ofgraduate internships in The Hague.

Employers that offer internships in The Hague

These are some of the employers that offer an internship in The Hague:

  1. Shell
  2. Aegon
  3. Ticketmaster
  4. NIBC
  5. TNO

English internships in The Hague

Are you an English speaking student? Not to worry! The Hague is a city that is full of international companies. This makes The Hague the perfect city for an international student to do an English spoken internship. Take an employer like Ticketmaster for example: English is their first language and offer internships to English speaking students.

WO internships in The Hague

Are you a university student and looking for an internship in The Hague? Then there are plenty of internships available for you out there. The Hague may not have its not own university, but there is a large number of internships for university students on offer. Many of them are at law firms and in the Dutch government.

Hbo internships in The Hague

There are also a lot of internships for hbo students in The Hague. You can find these at governmental institutions, but also at communication and real estate firms. If you are a hbo student and are looking for internships in The Hague, there are enough opportunities out there for you.

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What types of job functions are most demanded in The Hague?

  1. IT (240)
  2. Management (101)
  3. Consulting (82)

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