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design internships

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Design internship

Are you looking for a design internship? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the perfect design internship.

What is a design internship?

There are many different types of design internships you can apply for. As a graphic design intern, for example, you will most likely focus on the branding and marketing campaigns of a company. Other design internships include web design, product design and service design. During most design internships you will be given a great amount of creative leeway.

Design graduation internship

AIs a design internship a requirement for your graduation? Check out the design graduation internships that are currently open for applications.

Design internship English

Many companies hire English-speaking design interns. In some cases, English-speaking design interns are even preferred. For example when a company uses English as the main language in the office and in its product. If you are an international student looking for an English design internship in the Netherlands you definitely should be able to find a design internship.

Companies that offer design internships

The following companies offer design internships:

  1. Heineken
  2. Dept Agency
  3. Hello Print
  4. Just Brands
  5. Vanilia

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What are the most popular companies for design jobs?

The most popular companies for design jobs are

  1. Humanoids
  2. Formitable
  3. bunq
  4. xxllnc
  1. Logo In The Middle Of Our Street (MOOS)
    In The Middle Of Our Street (MOOS)
    6 employees
  2. Logo Max Property Group B.V.
    Max Property Group B.V.
    Real Estate
    8 employees
  3. Find a job you love at one of the 5,000 employers on

  4. Logo DPDK
    Marketing & Communication
    125 employees