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  1. About YGroup Companies

    About YGroup Companies

    We are a rapidly growing strategy consulting firm founded in 2013 by three former consulting top-executives who wanted to take more ownership of the actual value creation for their clients.

    We are inspired to work side by side with our clients to unlock the potential value.
    We are working for clients in a broad variety of industries ranging from small & medium-sized to multinational companies.

    What makes us different is the way we interact with our clients. We believe in partnering and closely cooperating with our clients, in tailored solutions and a performance based fee model, making sure we are really invested in the companies we work for.

    Our mission is to enable our people and our business partners realize their full potential. Y is a extremely fast growing firm focusing on strategy development, analytics, execution and partnerships. At Y we do not have clients, we develop partnerships so that we can deliver real long term value.

    At Y we are not limited by the current models of the consulting firms. We help our business partners to solve complex issues, capitalise on opportunities and transact as and when needed while forming bespoke and meaningful long term partnership.

    We think and (inter)act differently.

    That’s Y.

  2. Guido van Linschoten about his choice for Y

    Guido van Linschoten about his choice for Y

    “I joined Y after a referral from a friend who spoke really enthusiastically about her work. I was pretty convinced I wanted to join a big corporate, but her story made me curious. After a few rounds of interviews, I deliberately chose for the adventure of joining a small firm. The fact that you get senior client exposure, great responsibilities right from the start and a variety of work appealed to me.

    Having worked at Y for almost 1,5 years now, I know I made the right decision. I’m working with colleagues from all around the world and am learning new things every day.”

  3. Myrthe Rustemeijer about her experience at Y

    Myrthe Rustemeijer about her experience at Y

    “After my internship at a large consulting firm, I knew I would thrive better in a smaller organisation. It is not for everyone though. You need to be a self-starter and shouldn’t be afraid of being pushed to go out of your comfort zone. At Y your learning is done mainly on the job working side- by-side with your colleagues combined with a training programme tailored to your needs. At YAcademy, our in-house training programme, we teach each other specific skills or share experiences from our projects. I took the initiative to develop a “Presentation building” training for our new joiners to give them a kick start in developing compelling presentations.

    You realise you’ve learned so much in just a few years the moment you start teaching others.”

  4. Sjoerd Raymans about his first projects

    Sjoerd Raymans about his first projects

    SJOERD RAYMANS - ANALYST - STUDIED URBAN, PORT AND TRANSPORT ECONOMICS "Choosing a career path after graduating from university is not an easy task. To make my choice easier, I made up a list of 3 requirements my first job had to fulfill: 1) learn as much as possible, 2) have a diverse and senior client exposure, and 3) work in a dynamic environment with fun colleagues.

    During every single interview with YStrategists I was convinced that my requirements would be more than met. I joined Y in February 2017 and my experience so far has exceeded expectations. My first project was finance-related in the heavy industry sector while I am now doing a strategy project for one of the largest fashion companies in the world. For the first project, I had to wear a safety outfit during factory visits while I am currently flying across Europe to visit some exquisite local fashion cities.

    This diversity comes with a very steep learning curve and the variety in the kind of clients not only makes every day a different one, you learn a great deal from it as well. The start-up like spirit within Y results in unique dynamics where you work and interact very closely with colleagues, no matter how senior they are. Moreover, having a social event at least every month makes Y truly feel like a family already."

  5. Casper Brunt about his internship

    Casper Brunt about his internship

    I joined Y as an intern after finishing my Aerospace Engineering bachelor in Delft. After three years of theory, I was keen to gain practical experience in the field of strategy consulting. A friend informed me of the internship at Y. Because of the non-hierarchical spirit, I was directly involved in a lot of important discussions, decisions and analyses.

    I gained a tremendous amount of hands-on experience and it illustrates the dynamics at Y; everyone in the team is treated equal and is stimulated to come up with suggestions and improvements.

    Due to mutual enthusiasm, I could stay a few months longer than the standard internship term of three months. This allowed me to experience a project from start to finish including a client visit in the UK, a world renowned FMCG brand.

    Looking back on my experience, I learned a lot and met inspiring people from around the world. And as bonus, I am so much more motivated to finish my studies, knowing what lies ahead of me.

  6. Bob Castien about his first nine months

    Bob Castien about his first nine months

    I joined YCapital as a part-time working student during my final master year. The energy of the team and opportunity to work on projects hands-on really appealed to me. During this short period, it provided me with an incredible learning experience and motivated me to pursue a career at Y and in particular YStrategists.

    At the time of writing, I’m working at Y for 9 months. It’s been a flying start, working on two major strategy projects in the dairy and fashion industry. During these months, my “buddy” provided great guidance and support to get the most out of my on-the-job learning experiences. I immediately felt part of the team, contributing ideas during meetings which guaranteed a steep learning curve.

    Working at Y is a guarantee for exposure to many different industries and building close client relationships. In addition, my work also gave me the opportunity to see more of the world! My work took me to Asia, the Middle-East, and Europe. Most importantly Y already feels like home. We have amazing colleagues with whom we constitute a solid and diverse group.

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