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Of the millions of tech companies around the world, We'll track down the ones you should know about, And help you close a partnership with them.16NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. About Venture IQ

    There are a zillion tech companies out there. We identify the ones our clients should know about and help them develop partnerships.

    For large corporates, innovation is the key to profitable growth. To achieve this consistently over time, many companies try to draw on new big ideas from young technology companies. Yet finding, assessing and partnering with such companies is a path with many pitfalls.

    But our clients can avoid a time-consuming and expensive learning curve. At Venture IQ we use cutting-edge data analytics to help them make smart choices, then guide them through the critical early stages of their new partnership by drawing on decades of venture capital experience. We improve the quality of their deal flow and help them handle in-coming deals more effectively. Freeing them up to focus on actual deal opportunities.

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  3. From big data to deal closure

    To take the early search phase to a completely new level, we developed Catalist. A state-of-the-art tool designed to ensure no potential technology partner for your business, however remote, will slip through our net.

    Deeper, wider, smarter
    Catalist is a real-time database of technology companies that covers every single industry and geography. This database is enriched with commercial, patent, financial, HR and news data. Allowing us to run systematic global searches of exceptional quality and depth. So that from the countless technology companies out there, we can provide our clients with a unique insight into the exciting technologies available and develop a list of the ones that meet their criteria.

    Leveraging Catalist
    Once our clients have a clear, in-depth overview of the promising technology companies in their space, we get on with the ground work. Using decades of frontline venture capital experience and know-how to identify which of those companies are actually right for our clients. Not just on paper, but in reality.

    More time, more focus
    Our clients see us as their outsourced lead generation and analysis team. As such, our work is focused on the three areas where we can free up their time so you can focus on high potential companies. Our team of VC experts and technology analysts can:
    • Flag up potential partnerships they otherwise wouldn’t know about;
    • Contact and assess both applicant companies and identified potential partners;
    • Give our clients deal advice on due diligence, deal structuring and decision-making.
    We tailor our support to their precise requirements.

    Going the extra mile
    We invest in long-term relationships with our clients. Building expertise and networks in both their industry as a whole and their specific areas of focus. Networks that enhance the quality of our market intelligence and create access to key players in targeted areas.

    Our services cover the following broad areas. But of course every client is different, so we tailor our support to their exact requirements.

    Pro-active lead generation
    We contact, interview and vet companies for our clients. With our deal generation engine Catalyst, our team of analysts can help them scout technology companies in an unprecedented broad and deep way.

    Deal flow management outsourcing
    We act as the first line of defense for our clients for all companies that come their way. We can do this in a way that they only see the companies that fit their requirements and have the highest potential.

    Investment & partnering advice
    Based on our venture capital experience we advice our clients on all aspects of the deal process, from deal structuring to performing due diligence and from team decision making to portfolio management.

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Alexander has been active as an investor since 1997. In that time he has been involved in over 40 investments, spanning early-stage technology, buyouts and mezzanines across a wide range...Show more


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