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uPRAX Microsolutions
At uPRAX Microsolutions we believe it is important to apply microneedles in an efficient and reproducible manner onto the skin to make microneedle-based drug delivery into a success.10NLDelftDelft
  1. About uPRAX Microsolutions

    uPRAX Microsolutions is a Dutch technology company founded in 2016 that is developing devices to apply dermal drug delivery systems and/or sampling devices (e.g., microneedles or microneedle arrays (medical devices)) on a controlled manner onto the skin. We believe it is important to apply microneedles on an efficient and reproducible manner onto the skin to make microneedle-based drug delivery (in a clinical setting) into a success. With our technology we offer a large flexibility regarding different types of microneedles of which the optimal insertion parameters need to be investigated as well as microneedle insertion optimization. Furthermore, we can customize our device for specific microneedles types/geometries according to the requirements of our customers. We further aim to develop standard methods and devices for microneedle insertion testing for regulatory purposes.

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  3. Products

    Currently, our main technology (UAFM V1) comprises of an applicator and an applicator controller unit that can be used to investigate the optimal skin insertion parameters of microneedles. The device is primarily intended for universities, (research) institutes, and companies that work with, evaluate, and/or develop microneedle technologies. This device could be useful to anyone who is working on microneedle technologies to apply microneedles reproducibly and on the most efficiently manner, study the effect of microneedle geometry/material on skin penetration (whilst keeping the application conditions constant or as a function of the insertion conditions), and may be used to develop a simple, cheap, and patient friendly applicator for single-use (after the optimal insertion conditions are determined) to efficiently and reproducibly insert a specific microneedle product with a fixed force or impact into the skin.


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