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Tuk Tuk Factory
Tuk Tuk Factory is on a mission. Our passionate team is dedicated to help you create not just a greener, but also a more colorful environment with our fun and friendly electric vehicles.50NLDiemenDiemen
  1. About Tuk Tuk Factory

    About Tuk Tuk Factory

    Proud developer and manufacturer of the best electric Tuk Tuks. Three wheelers are lighter, more agile and especially suited for clean, fun and friendly transport. You name the job... We will showcase it here!

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  3. Story


    It was love at first sight. We were on a backpacking trip to Thailand. And when a tuktuk nearly drove us over, it knocked us off our feet. It’s friendly looks and bright colours made it irresistible to take a ride. And when we did, the deal was sealed. Head over heels.

    A few years later opportunity came knocking. We decided to brighten up the dull grey streets of Holland with some of these babies. In 2006 we imported 50 tuktuks. It was a smash hit: we sold all of them in no time. Alas, we soon discovered that looks aren’t everything …

    Soon, the number of mechanics equalled the number of Tuk Tuks. If this was going to be a long term relationship, we thought, we’ve got to keep what’s great and improve the rest. Good looks aside, they were also polluting, loud, expensive and frankly: not too well built. So in 2007 the idea was born: why don't we make Tuk Tuks that are clean, premium, low maintenance and have smart automotive solutions like part numbers and type approvals and stuff ? If it works for Mercedes, it might work for us!

    We assembled an A-team of engineers and simply retrofitted the gasoline Tuks. Bad move. We learned that a small battery wouldn’t crack it. Back to the drawing board. Literally. We needed to think different.

    While everybody was thinking lightweight electric vehicles, we took the opposite approach: a battery of over 400kg that could transport over 6 passengers. To achieve our goals, we knew we had to make a product that would sell itself. And the only way to do that was to make sure it would actually make our customers money on the streets.

    In 2008 TukTuk Factory was born. A brand new company that set out to make the world a bit more fun, friendly and colorful. And by friendly we mean sustainable. And by sustainable we mean electric. Now look at us. We’re selling our unique e-Tuks all over the world. Entrepreneurs from Portugal through New-Zealand instantly see their potential. They connect to our mission and vision. They recognise themselves in it.
    They fall in love. Just like we did so many years ago.

    Since 2011 we produce our e-tuks in Thailand, home of the tuktuk. With our dedicated production team we put the heart in our fun vehicles. As a responsible company with a family feeling we focus on each member's personal growth, as well as team spirit. As a proud result, we are growing our production numbers rapidly -even doubling- every year.

    Our MISSION: to give people all over the world unique and happy driving experiences while helping create a cleaner, greener environment.

    Our VISION: fun and friendly transportation business solutions are present in every city in the world, making the people happier, the streets brighter and the air cleaner.

    With our sales team and local disitrubutoris we sell our e-tuks all over the world. We are specialised in the following markets: city tour, hospitality, utility and vending. Our products are the Limo, Vendo and Classico. With our newest model Limo GT (Grand Tourism) we are well positioned for the highest quality standards and are in the possession of important type approvals.

    For more information see

    Interested in a job in such a dynamic, innovative and creative company where social and sustainable entrepeneurship is key, call us for joining our great team.

  4. Working with Tuk Tuk Factory

    Working with Tuk Tuk Factory

    Working with Tuk Tuk Factory means an inspiring, creative and international environment with future proof products (fun, friendly, clean & green), enormous potential growth perspectives and nice colleagues. Our team in the Netherlands consists of about 15 people and our team in Thailand of about 40 people.

    We are always looking for enthousiastic people who like challenges, who are convinced of electric vehicles and a worldwide better future. Inspired? Approach us with your application (CV and motivation letter) and explain why you are the perfect one to join us.

  5. Tuk Tuk Factory on Youtube

    Tuk Tuk Factory on Youtube

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Roland Vos

CEO / Founder

Chief Executive Officer and founder of Tuk Tuk Factory. A strong entrepeneur, driven to realise sustainable innovation into a profitable company with a worldwide impact. Trained by Unilever and disciplined...Show more


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