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  1. About System Two

    About System Two

    We build startups within our clients' businesses.

    We avoid the usual innovation cliché’s (“labs” / “skunkworks” / “rapid prototyping”) which create unrealistic short term expectations and lock in failure.

    Instead, we get on with the long term work of changing the fabric of organisations simply by being the change we want to see.

    By working in live projects alongside client teams we infect their day to day with a highly disciplined, lean way of working.

  2. Outcomes


    We work with clients to test new business ideas using data and analytics to understand the strongest performing propositions.

    We take these into a Feasibility stage, turning experiments into standalone companies. Companies we support with seed fund raising, resourcing, operations and development of the technical solution. This allows us to fully stress test the business and understand full funnel metrics. This typically takes 6 months, with investment of £300k-£500k.

    Businesses which exhibit strong growth potential are moved into a Viability stage. We raise a Series A round to fund each company for the next 12 months. Here we look for viral engines of growth, rolling out the business to be cash positive with the aim of handing the business back to clients after this stage.


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