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SparkOptimus is the leading digital growth consultancy and the fastest growing management consultancy firm in Europe with a 70% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue over the last 5 years....100NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. About SparkOptimus

    About SparkOptimus

    SparkOptimus is the leading digital growth consultancy and the fastest growing management consultancy firm in Europe with a 70% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue over the last 5 years. We delivered more than 100 digital projects in the last 18 months in more than 15 markets, e.g. UK, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, USA, South Africa, and Australia.

    It was set up in 2010 by a group of former McKinsey consultants to serve the need for improved digital strategies and operations with an approach that is just as pragmatic, agile, and results-oriented as a digital business. Based in the Netherlands, with its 100% focus on digital, SparkOptimus was voted in the top 5 best strategy consultancies among generalists like BCG and Bain in a 2014 Dutch Management Team survey among 650 managers.

    Our expertise includes digital strategy, organization, technology, and digital operational excellence and we work for leading players like Ahold, Ikea, Marks & Spencer, Bijenkorf, and Unilever. Uniquely we are also the only strategy consultant to serve digital Pure Players like Ebay,, Independer, Greetz, and on their core commercial operations.

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  3. Career


    SparkOptimus is a young and enthusiastic team of highly professional consultants and specialists. We are passionate, inquisitive, analytical, and strive to stay ahead in the field of digital strategy. This all takes place in an informal and collegial environment in our typical office in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.

    SparkOptimus obtains a leading role in the booming digital world. This offers a career path through which our people get the opportunity to grow to their full potential. A path that develops top talent into the change leaders of the future. In addition, the fast-growing nature of SparkOptimus gives you the unique opportunity to self-determine how steep your learning curve is going to be – as we see it, there is always room for growth.

  4. Our Services

    Our Services

    To help translate new technologies into opportunities for businesses, we have developed 5 distinct services: Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Digital Venture, Digital Due Diligence, and Digital Acceleration.

    Digital Strategy
    You want to develop a view on the impact of new technology on your business. What are the trends and what does this mean for your customer proposition and the requirements for your technology and organization? You need clear priorities, a strong business case, and a balanced roadmap to allow you to move fast from strategy to execution.

    Digital Transformation
    You still serve your customers in a traditional way. You want to transform your organization to follow the customers’ new digital habits to increase sales and lower cost of serving them, and you need help setting up and running this process. Your (new) digital business needs to work seamlessly with your existing organization.

    Digital Venture
    You want to build a new digital business with a clear customer proposition, and matching technology and organization. You want to build this new venture as efficiently as possible, allowing you to learn fast and get maximum return out of your investment.

    Digital Acceleration
    You have a digital business and want to remain leading in a fast-changing environment. You are looking for an outside-in view on opportunities to accelerate growth and ways to optimize your business as it rapidly scales up.

    Digital Due Diligence
    You are considering investing in a digital business, or are looking to attract a new shareholder. You want to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business, and its value in a context of a disruptive market and fast technological developments. Is it an attractive opportunity?

  5. Our Vision

    Our Vision

    At SparkOptimus we have a passion for the possibilities that new technologies bring to advance the society we live in everyday. We genuinely enjoy ourselves in helping organisations to embrace change and realise new technology driven growth.

    We believe strongly in supporting companies and at the same time developing their potential to independently continue their journey. That’s why we work closely together with them to build capabilities in their teams and transfer our knowledge.

    We help understanding ‘what’ to do, develop a plan ‘how’ to do it, and support in actually ‘getting it done’ to give them a solid start. Why struggle to invent the wheel yourself if you can bring in the most experienced people and leverage learnings from other organisations and other sectors? Across sectors we build on one universal truth: always start from customer needs and then translate this into technical and organisational requirements.

    Our vision is to bring out true change leadership in business and society at large. Step forward with a vision, a positive spirit, and a strong plan. Be flexible and adapt along the way. Excite those around you to make thing

  6. What Drives Us

    What Drives Us

    We want to advance the society we live in by tapping into the possibilities that new technologies bring. We believe we have just entered an era of new-technology-driven disruption that will not leave a single industry or sector unaffected. Only by embracing change and showing true leadership will we all continue to experience growth. It is our mission to make disruption work.

    We are genuinely excited about our unique approach, which makes our clients successful. We help them understand what to do and how to do it, and we stay around to make sure things get done. We like to fundamentally rethink propositions, always taking a customer-first viewpoint, and then translate this into technical and organizational requirements. And we strongly believe in supporting companies and at the same time developing their potential by building in-house capabilities to independently continue their journey.

Michiel Bos

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Michiel Bos


Michiel is Partner at SparkOptimus. He started his career at McKinsey & Company, where he worked for 6.5 years across different industries focusing on strategy definition & implementation. At SparkOptimus...Show more


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