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  1. About Spaces

    Spaces is a young and dynamic company founded in Amsterdam eight years ago.
    Our team consists of social and energetic people who all work together to grow our community. At Spaces we aim to make daily working life just a bit more fun, inspirational and varied. So, we have business clubs with designer furniture, welcoming receptionists, Café Delis with in-house baristas and a community of likeminded people, from entrepreneurs and business nomads to SME’s and corporates. We have locations in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and many coming up.

    Are you looking for a job in a fast-paced, ambitious company with a high service standard? You might just have found your dream job.

    Spaces origin
    Spaces started in 2006 with the sincere belief that the world of working was changing and that work could be more fun and effective by creating an inspiring social place for people to go to and interact. This idea resulted in Spaces Herengracht, which opened in September 2008 (the day the economic climate in the world changed by the fall of Lehman Brothers). Spaces has 3 (almost 4) locations in Amsterdam, 1 The Hague and 1 in Rotterdam, but also open in London, Sydney, Madrid, New York, San Francisco, New Delhi and Tokyo.

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