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Logo Somnox | World's First Sleep Robot

Somnox | World's First Sleep Robot

  1. About Somnox | World's First Sleep Robot

    About Somnox | World's First Sleep Robot

    Somnox™ is specialized in soft-robotic innovation to improve the quality of your night of sleep. It is the first non medicinal soft robotic to actively help you sleep.

    For 1 out of 5 people in Europe a good night's rest is not a reality. They are suffering from sleep deprivation. This results in a lack of energy and even depression.

    Current solutions consist of medicines, addictive medicines with unwanted side-effects.

    Together with a team of four engineers from the TU Delft, supported by sleep experts we tackled this huge problem with an effective technical solution.

    Meet. Somnox.

    Somnox is the first, non-medicinal soft robotic to actively help you sleep.
    During night time, the user will feel Somnox breathe.
    Multiple studies have proven that by feeling a breathing rhythm you will fall asleep more easily and experience more deep sleep.

    We validated that in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and France our launching customer are adults who have trouble falling asleep and want to feel energetic during the day and are strongly willing to solve this . We will bring Somnox through online channels.

    The sleep-aid market is a 50 billion euro market which is rapidly growing.

    Do you want to make the dream of 50 million people in Europe come true? Get in touch with us!

  2. Team Somnox

    Team Somnox

    We are the brains behind Somnox. Engineers from the TU Delft with a passion for soft robotics. We are very eager about improving the life of millions through the help of soft robotics such as Somnox.

    We are a young and fresh team that is full of energy ready to tackle the next challenge. We are not just co-workers, we are friends. Friends who wanna make the dreams come true of millions of people.


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