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  1. About Solarplaza

    About Solarplaza

    Solarplaza is a group of over 25 highly-motivated, proactive, young professionals. At our office in Rotterdam (NL), we argue in 13 different languages and travel to 16 foreign destinations every year. Through our events, newsletters and news portal, we help renewable energy professionals become more effective in their business development by providing unique networking opportunities and high-level content.

    What makes of us a great team? Whatever we do, we do it at our best. This is our common ground and shared objective. We all take pride and pleasure in paying attention to details and quality, thereby delighting our customers.

    We don’t compromise on our values to make a living and believe in long-term success over short-term sales. Since we have been in the business for over a decade, we are confident we've got this one right.

    We have big hearts and even bigger imaginations: we dream of a future where everybody can have access to electricity for a fair price; where energy can be produced safely and without harming the environment; where sustainability leads the choices of people, firms and societies.

    We are historians and engineers, tree huggers and perfectionists, loud extroverts and shy data nerds. We organize solar PV conferences and trade missions all over the world, from Chile to Japan, and publish one of the world’s most read solar news portals.

    We have organized over 80 events, in 42 cities, in 29 countries, on 5 continents (we'll get you one day, Oceania!).

  2. History of Solarplaza

    History of Solarplaza

    Learn about our the company's history, taking you back all the way to 1994, when there were just 5 solar roofs in The Netherlands:

  3. Track Record

    Track Record

    Since 2004, Solarplaza has organized 96 events, in 43 cities, in 31 countries, on 5 continents. Below you can find the full list of all the conferences and trade missions we have hosted. See our full track record of events here:

  4. Team


    Learn more about our growing, internationally diverse team:

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