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  1. About SnappCar

    Joining SnappCar’s revolution will be a mind-blowing and life changing experience. We are on our way to become the leading peer-to-peer car sharing community in Europe and you’re about to become part of this journey. Within our community thousands of car owners share their personal cars with ten thousands of neighbours and friends. All of them looking for a more social, durable and cheaper alternative. SnappCar is a fully reliable and user-friendly marketplace, riding the wave of Collaborative Consumption. Our team members strive to have a great impact on society. We aim to decrease the total number of cars in Europe by 1% in 2018: this means 2.500.000 cars less! Do you have what it takes to make this happen? Come and join us!

  2. Working At SnappCar

    We are a small company, looking for people who dare to make a big impact. Working at SnappCar means you have a lot of responsibility and you are able to work on an independent basis. We are looking for extraordinary people, who want to help build one of the most high potential social web companies.

    SnappCar has a major impact on its employees. We work hard to realize our dreams and we are looking for people who are excited about the idea and want to join us in this revolution. We are convinced that SnappCar will improve the world. How about you? Especially we are looking for extraordinary developers. People, who can make the difference, are passionate about software development and driven to develop the perfect product for the end customer.

    SnappCar's software development team works on the basis of an agile development method, fixed release schedules (every two weeks a release) and version control. We work with languages, frameworks and tools such as JQuery mobile, PhoneGap/Cordova, native iOS, native Android, HTML5, MongoDB, node.js, Javascript, C#, .Net, good old C. We make beautiful products, in a very short time, making our customers happy. To conquer Europe we need a highly scalable, user-friendly and robust platform.

  3. Application Procedure

    Are you ready to join the SnappCar revolution? Please take the following steps:
    1. Send your CV and motivational letter
    2. Introductive phone call
    3. First interview with HR at our office
    4. Second interview with management at our office
    5. An offer is made
    6. Welcome to our team!

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