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  1. About ROOM4

    Let’s be honest. Being a young entrepreneur, startup or freelancer can be tough. You work harder than most of your friends, but you ain't getting paid sh*t. We know the struggles. But we think you’re awesome.

    Who are we? We are ROOM4. A new coworking space in Amsterdam. We bring young entrepreneurs, creatives and startup together to work, grow and inspire.

    But wait, there’s more. At ROOM4 you don’t simply rent a desk. Our fully customizable furniture makes it possible to change the entire space to any setting you like. In other words: The floor is yours.

  2. ROOM4 Mission & Vision

    Mission: - "Empower startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers to achieve more by providing an affordable and creative workspace." -

    Vision: "ROOM4 in every big city in the world."

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