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Logo PetroStars  Devolpment Academy - PRS

PetroStars Devolpment Academy - PRS

PetroStars  Devolpment Academy - PRS logo
Whilst our sister company waits on the Oil & Gas Authority's exciting 30th Exploration & Production Round in the North Sea, our Development Academy is working with Recruitment Professionals and Social Innovators to enable a full capability supply chain of continuous knowledge and growth for engineering firms. Firms of all sizes need stable Corporate Knowledge and Continous feedback. How does that happen when people always look for a new job? Simple - People - engage, communicate and use a human library , Recruitment - Understand the language, culture, dynamic. Help employees who have to leave, do so in a way that allows them to reach their potential even if they are offered a role at the competition, Society - enable digital libraries with digital media held on tabs and suchlike in a normal library, with access available to Public, Schools and Universities. PRS is just the start, work with us.

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