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  1. About MeyerMonitor

    About MeyerMonitor

    Is your organization capable of realizing the strategy? Are your people up for the challenge? Are priorities fully aligned throughout the organization? Insight into the strategic non-financial success factors of your organization is critical for successfully deploying your strategy. MeyerMonitor's experience shows strategically aware, committed and capable people are the foundation for sustainable success. Measuring these critical capabilities on both current perception and strategic importance enables leadership to measure and manage a moving target. We create a blueprint of your organization to manage alignment and the need for change, including fast, easy to use and clear insights into people's perceptions around strategic goals and their willingness and ability to go the extra mile.

  2. Spin-off of Nyenrode Business University

    Spin-off of Nyenrode Business University

    We were founded in 1998 by academics, strategists and communication experts as a spin-off of Nyenrode Business University, and remain to have strong ties with the university. Our philosophy on ‘managing complexity’ is part of the curriculum of several programs and we regularly cooperate with students and scholars on research projects.

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