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Founded in 2015, Demo Company's mission is to show to new users.9NLRotterdamRotterdam
  1. About Demo Company

    By looking beyond the technology, our real commitment lies in building healthy lives. We aim to provide a total healthcare management service, aimed at preventing and improving such increasingly common health problems as hypertension, respiratory problems, diabetes and obesity.

    OMRON Healthcare in Europe

    Omron Healthcare Europe B.V. is Omron’s healthcare division for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our distribution network is widely spread across this territory. Physical distribution takes place from Beringe the Netherlands, Lodz Poland and Dubai UAE. 

    Our steadily growing turnover proves the success of our company and the expertise we are having in our field. Omron Healthcare is market leader in the field of electronic blood pressure monitors for both private and professional use. In this particular market we have a long-lasting reputation of high quality products and have reached sales of 150 million as of September 2013.

    Our company is increasingly improving in the field of supply chain management and customer relation management in order to be able to render the highest quality in products and services to the market.

    Head Office Hoofddorp: The Netherlands (since 1998)

    President and CEO: Mr. André van Gils

    Production Sites: Matsusaka Mie, Japan; Dalian, China; Binh Duong, Vietnam

    R&D Sites: Kyoto, Japan; Dalian, China

    National Sales Companies: Germany, United Kingdom, France

    Local Sales Offices: Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Nigeria, Spain, Italy

    Distribution: Europe, Russia, Middle East & Africa

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  3. Our story

    Our story

    Our story began with our own experience when we were trying to familiarize ourselves with the opportunities and companies in the labor market. As we attended just about every career fair and browsed through endless career sites, we began to notice a pattern. Every time we came across the same (usually large) companies and on our social media platforms we only came into contact with companies we already were familiar with.

    In addition to coming across the same companies time and time again, many of the career sites looked very similar; simply a collection of job listings as opposed to a place where one can effectively browse and get to know new companies. Although social media allows you to follow companies, it doesn’t give you an idea as to how you compare to other people looking to join the labor market. All these things together almost make it more about who you know instead of what you know.

    With the feeling that the key to a more successful and efficient recruitment process was both necessary and possible, we launched in September 2012. From this moment on we slowly but surely started building our company from our 16 square meter office in order to make improvements to the (campus) recruitment process. Within three weeks after launching the website the first user had found a job that she otherwise wouldn’t have found demonstrating that really works!

    From the moment we started our users have been our number one priority. What this means for us as a company is that we never send mass mails to our users because we feel that it is the users who should determine with whom they come into contact. This also means that there is no financial barrier between the employer and applicant by asking for payment for posting a vacancy or to send a message.

    The story of is not only one of positive experiences. Although many accomplishments have been made such as winning an innovation prize, achieving several milestones, and being featured in national media, there have also been hardships.

    Definitely the most devastating experience was the loss of our co-founder, partner, but first and foremost our friend Hugo de Ruiter on May 10, 2012. Hugo was a talented, handsome, cool and ambitious guy, a real entrepreneur and probably one of the nicest guys you would have ever met. He tragically passed away after being involved in a car crash while we were about to launch the website that day, at the age of 23.

    After the devastation and anger we had about his passing away, the realisation came that we had to bring succes to the mission we had together, for which he worked so tirelessly and passionately.

    One of the things that we learned is that there is only one way to change a small part of the world: by creating an amazing product and doing so with an awesome team. When you combine this with a ridiculously high amount of passion and an unbreakable drive to make an impact, the result is that everyday opportunities are taken, that usually would be left untouched, and that thousands of users take their first step in starting their (professional) life thanks to

  4. Perks


    A list of our perks:

    - Unlimited vacation days, as long as you perform well and reach your targets you can take a vacation whenever you want.
    - Ping pong games in Conference Room C
    - Access to all Coursera courses
    - Free electricity
    - Paid travel expenses
    - Mario Kart on Nintendo 64
    - Friday afternoon drinks / BBQs / pizza's in the sun at our balcony, accompanied by the hits of the Invisible DJ
    - and Many More


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