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Innovation Booster
Innovation Booster helps corporates to improve their top and bottom line results through innovation. We are experts in business innovation and organisational transformation.40NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. About Innovation Booster

    Unleashing your future. Together.

    Innovation Booster helps corporates to discover their optimal route to profitable, customer-centric performance.

    Ready to launch the next innovation initiative for a Fortune 500 company? Eager to empower enterprises their future? As an Innovation Booster you work together with clients to achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions.

    Innovation Booster is here to improve our customers' profitability with customer satisfaction in mind, based in Amsterdam, Athens and New York and operating throughout these regions.

    Find out how you can become an Innovation Booster too!

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  3. What we do

    Find out what we do, how we do it and why.

  4. Meet the Boosters

    Curious to how our Boosters like working for Innovation Booster? Watch the second episode of our docu 'Boosting the Future'.

  5. How to apply

    Round 1: CV and motivation check. To apply, upload your CV and motivation letter via our website:

    Round 2: Introductory meeting. The purpose of this conversation is to get to know each other better. So besides us asking you questions, this is also your chance to learn more about Innovation Booster. The introductory meeting will be held at the Amsterdam office with 2 boosters.

    Round 3: Case session. During this round you will create a case and you will be evaluated on your creativity, presentation skills and entrepreneurship. Making and reviewing the case will take about 1.5 hours in total. It is not possible to prepare yourself for the case.

    Round 4: Conversation with board of advisors. Finally, there will be a meeting with one of the external advisors of Innovation Booster.

  6. How we work

    How we work

    An impression of one of the sessions we organised for our clients.


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