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Holland Startup
Holland Startup is a venture builder that enables young entrepreneurs to shape our society. We do so within specific domains, visit our website for more info.35NLUtrechtUtrecht
  1. Robbert Jan Hanse

    Robbert Jan Hanse

    Founder & CEO

    Serial Entrepreneur, product strategist, consumer marketer and proud father-of-two. Robbert...

  2. René Roskamp

    René Roskamp

    Partner & CTO

    René has over 25 years experience and an independent IT...

  3. Khaldoun Shehadeh

    Khaldoun Shehadeh

    Fund director

    Seasoned Venture Capital and Private Equity investments & Senior Finance...

  4. Dennis Huizing

    Dennis Huizing

    Startup specialist

    Seasoned mentor when it comes to startups that have just...

  5. Hidde Koning

    Hidde Koning

    Founder Bittiq

    Hidde is one of the founders of

  6. Federico Spiezia

    Federico Spiezia

    Founder Bittiq

    Federico is one of the founders of

  7. Robin Toorneman

    Robin Toorneman


    Robin has a profound interest in innovation and entrepreneurship in...

  8. Belén Hein

    Belén Hein

    Founder Neurolytics

    Belén is one of the founders of

  9. Felix Hermsen

    Felix Hermsen

    Founder Neurolytics

    Felix is one of the founders of Neurolytics(.ai)...

  10. Tiemen Roest

    Tiemen Roest

    Founder Ikify

    Tiemen is one of the founders of

  11. Dominique Haas

    Dominique Haas

    Founder Ikify

    Dominique is one of the founders of

  12. Eveline van den Heuvel

    Eveline van den Heuvel

    Partner Ikify

    Eveline has been attracted to at a later stage...

  13. Erkki Piipari-Kokko

    Erkki Piipari-Kokko

    Founder BlockLayers

    Erkki is one of the founders of BlockLayers....

  14. Sohail Aslam

    Sohail Aslam

    Founder Discov

    Sohail intends to bring an entrepreneurial approach to our day...

  15. Jonathan Pothuis

    Founder Eterne

    Jonathan is one of the founders of

  16. Nagim Zamarialai

    Founder Eterne

    Nagim is one of the founders of

  17. Toni Lufi

    Toni Lufi

    Partner Eterne

    Toni has been added to the Eterne team at a...

  18. Jaap van Liere

    Jaap van Liere

    Founder Steeve

  19. Peter Verheijen

    Peter Verheijen

    Founder Steeve

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