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If you are able to crunch data without being limited by scale, speed and obsolete pricing models, the possibilities are endless. That's exactly what our platform does!25NLHoutenHouten
  1. About Energyworx

    About Energyworx

    Get on board! What if... what if you are able to crunch data without being limited by scale, speed and obsolete pricing models? The possibilities are endless!

    We are a rapidly growing data analytics and machine learning company, focusing on the Energy industry. By constantly innovating, we deliver high tech energy data intelligence solutions, based on big data and machine learning concepts. Our mission is to enable the global energy evolution in the Energy industry. By working with the latest Google technologies we help our clients to commercialise their data and enhance sustainable use of global energy!

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  3. Our culture

    Our culture

    We live in a changing Energy World, moving away from fossil fuels transitioning in a complex new Energy Mix from demand to supply and a change from centralized to distributed generation. People and communities care about energy efficiency and want to be engaged in reducing their environmental impact. This requires a rethink of the structure and suppleness of the Smart Grid and its systems. Data is fuelling the Industry and Energyworx is putting these disparate data streams and stores to use with high tech energy intelligence, based on time series analytics and machine learning concepts, to solve today’s information challenges. We deliver value in days, rather than months or years. We therefore only work with the most talented people who share our DNA. Do you have what it takes?

    You are intrinsically passionate about what you do. You focus on our clients and if necessary, work all night to deliver what you promised. You do not have a 9-5 mentality and you have an eye for every important detail.

    With clear vision and not afraid to use the latest innovations, you deliver the best solution possible within time and customer expectations. You can easily adapt to changing technologies and ways of working and dare to think differently.

    You are independent, organize your own work and take initiative when required. We give you ownership, you take it. This means you are reliable in your duties and confident in what you do. You make impact.

    Have we unleashed your excitement? Check out our vacancies.

  4. Our people

    Our people

    Just the four of you? Nope, those are just 4 of our top talents! Curious to the other talents? Check our website!

    Some quotes of our people:
    #: "After 2 weeks, I joined the Founder on a client visit in the United States. Intense and a great experience!" (Vuk - Data Scientist)
    #: "As Google said: ‘Never knew they would use our platform like this’. Be Co-Creator of this revolution." (Erik - Co-Founder & CTO)
    #: "We’re all passionate dataholics, in a crazy and fun way." (Stefan - Software Developer)
    #: "We experiment and dare to fail, therefore we have the steepest learning curve ever. What I learned in 1 month, took me a year at my previous company." (Jaakko- Data Scientist)

  5. Are you our (backend) Developer?

    Are you our (backend) Developer?

    You Get enthusiastic by:
    - Learning and working with new technologies
    - Room for creativity in solving problems and develop new features
    - Building something that matters
    - Almost no legacy constraints

    You are:
    - Practical with an eye for detail
    - Out of the box thinking
    - Always looking out for interesting innovations
    - A good and clear communicator

    You value in work:
    - Room for creativity
    - Social interaction
    - Flexibility in working hours & attitude
    - Technical complexities and challenges
    - Self-tutoring

  6. Are you our Data Scientist?

    Are you our Data Scientist?

    You Get enthusiastic by:
    - Finding features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques
    - Creating automated time-series shape detection and anomaly detection methods
    - Solving complex puzzles/problems
    - Data mining using state-of-the-art methods
    - Doing ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner

    You are:
    - 70% scientist, 30% programmer
    - Eager to learn
    - Confident
    - Independent
    - Client focused

    You value in work:
    - Accuracy
    - Solving greenfield challenges
    - Rapid growth
    - Self-tutoring

  7. Are you our Support Engineer?

    Are you our Support Engineer?

    You get enthusiastic by:
    - Learning and working with new technologies
    - Happy customers
    - Solving recurring issues by automation
    - Continuous testing

    You are:
    - Transparant
    - Empathic to the customer
    - Practical with an eye for detail
    - Out of the box thinker

    - A good and clear communicator

    You value in work:
    - High levels of quality
    - Troubleshooting
    - Social interaction

    - Flexibility in working hours & attitude

Wouter van den Boogaart

Get to know

Wouter van den Boogaart

Senior Software Engineer

Wouter treasures the unknown. Whatever he does, he’s always exploring. Whether he’s scuba diving at Half Moon Bay in Belize, wandering through the desserts of Namibia or cracking highly advanced...Show more


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