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  1. About Digital Shapers

    We enlarge the digital mindset and creativity of organizations with our born digitals.

    Digital Shapers creates awareness amongst organizations of the endless possibilities that the digital word has to offer. We inspire, change and help make accurate choices with our hands-on approach and involvement. Our shapers are digital at heart and the bright spots in any company. Through workshops and projects, we will set organizations in motion.

  2. Our approach

    Our approach

    We explore
    We will create an inventory of the challenges in a workshop. We will know immediately which Shaper can participate in the following process.

    We inspire
    In several workshops we will delve deeper into digital trends that are relevant to the organization. You will learn to implement them and what the results will be.

    We focus
    The projects that our Shapers will instigate and support will be defined and prioritized with the help of the resulting inspiration and insights.

    We shape
    Shapers will work in sprints of three months within the organization. If there are new challenges that require a different expertise, new Shapers will take over the duties.

  3. Also want to be a Shaper?

    Also want to be a Shaper?

    At Digital Shapers, the door is always open for ambitious talent. In cooperation with our clients we will make sure you stay ahead in the world that you want to grow in.

    Multiple projects
    Fast learning curve
    Development digital competences
    Development leadership competences
    Increase network
    Large responsibility
    Change organizations
    Empower people
    Work autonomously and entrepreneurial
    Part of the ambitious Digital Shaper team


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