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Logo Dexter Energy Services

Dexter Energy Services
Dexter Energy Services develops machine learning software for the industry and energy retailers to predict and trade energy flows in a smart and sustainable way.5NLAmsterdamGovernment of Amsterdam
  1. About Dexter Energy Services

    About Dexter Energy Services

    Dexter is a start-up founded in 2016 with offices in Amsterdam and Ede and having 5 employees. We provide services (consultancy and software solutions) to the electricity market using data science and machine learning. Our customers large industrial companies or energy retailers that have assets producing or consuming large amounts of electricity.

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  3. Our motivation

    Our motivation

    At Dexter we truly work from an intrinsic motivation. Our drive is to build an awesome company that contributes to a sustainable future. We want to accelerate the energy transition by building digital solutions that will help solve the problems arising when saying goodbye to fossil fuelled energy generation.

  4. Our product

    Our product

    What we love about our product is that it reduces the consumption of fossil fuels whilst it generates monetary value for our customers.

    Our product predicts electricity loads. Knowing that information, electricity can be traded more efficiently. This contributes to a better 'matching' principle, where the industry will be incentivised to consume more electricity from renewables and less from fossil-fuelled plants.

    We use machine learning software to predict energy loads. This can be at an individual or cluster level. By using these modern algorithms, we can tell our customers how to optimally trade energy. In the case of the industry, this is buying electricity. For energy retailers, this means buying and selling energy.

  5. Culture


    We have a flexible working culture. Although everyone can work wherever and whenever he wants to, we do like to hang out together in our offices, which are in Amsterdam and Ede.

  6. Founders


    Dexter was founded in 2016. Luuk has a background in energy science and started the sustainable healthcare challenge during his studies. He likes to boulder (a sort of climbing) and play jazz music on his guitar. Within the company, he likes to identify new opportunities at customers by talking to them and then quickly building a prototype in python. Hubert is an aerospace engineer with experience in finance. After his first post-graduate job he moved to Austria to set up a small mountain lodge. At Dexter he focuses on the consulting part and building the back-end of the company.

  7. Internship testimonial by Shreyas Nikte

    Internship testimonial by Shreyas Nikte

    My first 10 days at Dexter…

    During my search for internship, I got attracted towards the internship opportunity at Dexter Energy due to my affinity towards the smart sustainable energy. Little did I know, I was getting into a very productive and unique startup culture. Before I joined, Dexter was a team of three people, each one with a different background and having a unique expertise.

    Working with such a small team also has its own advantages. I can reach to anyone for doubts at any time! For example, academically, I was taught about machine learning techniques with ready made datasets. But in the real world applications, machine learning engineer has to do data manipulation to make a dataset. I could quickly learn those techniques from Dexter’s lead software developer who sits next to me. Other than that, we have flexible work hours, we also discuss about everyone’s work while having a lunch together. Currently, I am working on an interesting problem of energy sector. So with the talented team at Dexter, everyday is an interesting adventure towards sustainable tomorrow.

  8. Chilling


    Our machine learning engineers waiting for the storm to pass by to go home without getting soakingly wet.

  9. #Smart Energy

    #Smart Energy

    Last week we told our story at the demo day of the smart energy program of Rockstart. Our vision is that with our intelligence we can help energy companies to lead the way towards a clean & affordable energy future.


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Hubert is the networker and is busy with building the back-bone of the company (Finance, HR, marketing). He knows how to set up a company and sets up the systems...Show more


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