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Logo Delmic B.V.

Delmic B.V.
DELMIC is a company in Delft that produces microscopy solutions. We cater to a broad range of researchers in fields ranging from nanophotonics and materials science to cell biology and neuroscience.20NLDelftDelft
  1. About Delmic B.V.

    DELMIC B.V. is a high-tech company based in Delft, the Netherlands that produces correlative light and electron microscopy solutions. Currently, DELMIC produces three systems, the SECOM, a platform for integrated fluourescence and electron microscopy, the SPARC, a high-performance cathodolumiscence detection system, and the Delphi, the world's first fully integrated fluourescence and scanning electron microscope and the product of a collaboration with Phenom-World. These systems are also accompanied by ODEMIS, open-source software designed to navigate the integrated microscopy systems and to optimize image overlay.

    DELMIC’s aim is to continuously innovate in order to offer our customers integrated systems that offer superior performance and user friendliness.

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  3. Awards

    2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award (Delphi)
    2014 MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award
    2013 Microscopy Today Innovation Award (SECOM)

  4. The SECOM platform

    The SECOM platform

    Our integrated correlative light and electron microscopy platform: the SECOM installed on a scanning electron microscope at the TU Delft.

  5. The SPARC system

    The SPARC system

    Our cathodoluminescence detection unit: the SPARC installed on a scanning electron microscope.

  6. Webinar about the SECOM platform

    Recent webinar about correlative microscopy and the SECOM platform given by our application specialist Sangeetha Hari

  7. Webinar about the SPARC system

    Recent webinar about cathodoluminescence microscopy and the SPARC platform given by our application specialist Dr. Toon Coenen.

  8. Delmic's office

    Delmic's office

    A few months ago we moved to a new, much bigger office in the center of Delft. We have a beautiful terrace and on the sunny and warm days, we usually have the lunch outside!


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