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  1. About Credit Call

    Credit Call is a young start-up with global ambitions. Our mission is to change the way how people communicate, and we do that via revolutionary mobile application: we make international phone-to-phone calling simple and affordable to everyone. We love connecting people with their closest ones, making international business successful, and travelling abroad simpler.

    Credit Call app enables international phone-to-phone calling for unique tariffs without necessity to switch SIM cards or connect to the internet.

  2. Our values

    Credit Call is a company of co-founders: every single person working with us shall have the co-founder mentality. Entrepreneurial approach entails proactive stance towards company development, non-limited feeling of responsibility for everything that can be improved, or complete ownership of projects.

    We have high ambitions: we are starting global, and aim to the stars. We want to become a global leader, and we are not shy about this. No small size business!

    We are looking for continuous improvement of our product, company, and individuality. We actively seek feedback, and use it to get better in what we do on both corporate and personal level. As Aristotle once (supposedly) said: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

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