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bloomon is turning the flower industry on its head. How? By disrupting the traditional supply chain and delivering field-fresh flowers straight from growers to our customers100NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. Patrick Hurenkamp

    Patrick Hurenkamp

    Founder & Managing Director

    Patrick is one of the founders of Bloomon. He studied...

  2. Bart Troost

    Bart Troost

    Founder & Managing Director

    Bart is founder of Bloomon. In 2002 Bart started studying...

  3. Nieke Kempen

    Nieke Kempen

    Global Head of PR & Communications

    Nieke is the global head of PR & Communications. Nieke...

  4. Tom Medema

    Tom Medema

    Head of Tech

    Tom is passionate self-taught web developer with a bachelor and...

  5. Anton van Duijn

    Anton van Duijn

    Style Director

    Bouquet designer extraordinaire (and trend-setter!) Anton thinks about flowers 24/7....

  6. Rozsa Groothoff

    Rozsa Groothoff

    Graphic Designer

    Rozsa completed her studies at Artemis Academy in Amsterdam. This...

  7. Mariyana Nikolaeva

    Mariyana Nikolaeva

    Front-end webdeveloper

    There’s something about Mariyana. Our resident Bulgarian turns our ideas...

  8. Robin Oegema

    Robin Oegema

    Financial Analyst

    Robin is currently completing his Master of Science with the...

  9. Himanshu Pant

    Himanshu Pant

    Head of Online Marketing

    Cricket-lover Himanshu loves batting for the team to score customers...

  10. Francisco Miranda

    Francisco Miranda

    Lead CRM Improvements

    Part numbers wizard, part club kid, Francisco comes to us...

  11. Gideon Cramwinckel

    Gideon Cramwinckel

    Global Head of CRM

    Ski-mad Gideon over-delivers to keep our customers happy. When he’s...

  12. Luís Fernandes

    Luís Fernandes

    Head of BI

    Food-loving Luis transforms data into edible bite-size chunks that inform...

  13. Janice Luk

    Janice Luk

    CRM and Operations Manager

    Jan is our go-to ‘How do we fix this?’ gal....

  14. Joris van der Els

    Joris van der Els

    Global Head of Product

    Outdoorsy Joris loves sailing, cycling and hiking. He makes complex...

  15. Reinoud Haal

    Reinoud Haal

    Head of Growth

    Tennis-loving Reinoud’s motto is simple: ‘Anything is possible’. Acing it...

  16. Grant


    Head of Business Development

    Flower seller by day, fun-maker by night, and pun-er 24/7,...

  17. Claartje Groosjohan

    Claartje Groosjohan

    Global Head of HR

    Soi-disant hedonist Claartje is the one who enrolls our superstars....

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