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  1. About BearingPoint Caribbean

    We help governments perform better, faster and smarter. Mission- Fueled by the passion and expertise of the world’s most dedicated consultants, BearingPoint helps solve your most pressing challenges day in and day out. From strategy to execution, our flexible yet disciplined approach starts and ends with you. By listening hard and working harder, your goals become our goals. Your success is our satisfaction. It’s why we wake up in the morning. It’s why our clients sleep well at night. We are BearingPoint: Management and Technology Consultants. Solving Challenges- By helping administrators turn their visions into reality, BearingPoint actively contributes to the welfare of our fellow citizens.

    We enjoy what we do: for 25 years governments have been our sole focus. Most government administrators and officials know exactly what needs to be done, but face similar challenges. Hands-on solutions for these challenges is what we provide at BearingPoint. Smart Islands- Smart is accomplishing more with less. We envision smart islands where citizens enjoy the same conveniences that they have with their smart devices: better, faster and smarter governments. BearingPoint is committed to making smart islands possible. Imagine a country: With a balanced budget and enough financial funding to realize its priorities With smooth government processes for superior service to its citizens Where government is able to offer a just environment for all by enforcing and facilitating citizen compliance Expertise in core areas: We focus on three of the ‘must-have’ fundamentals for successful governments Sufficient Income Affordable social security & National Health insurance, Efficient regulation & Compliance and we have extensive expertise and track record in the corresponding areas of government: Tax, Collection, Social Security & National Health Insurance, Permitting & Licensing. Best Practices- Why re-invent the wheel?

    Our solutions are based on proven best practices that work in small-scale communities. To make these best practices happen we help governments solve budget limitations, time constraints and organizational challenges. We have a track-record of substantial performance improvements in service, costs and compliance. General Information- BearingPoint Caribbean is one of the leading providers of management consulting and IT services in the Caribbean for over 25 years. For career opportunities check out

  2. Career At BearingPoint

    Just graduated and ready to kick off your career? Are you talented, hardworking and do you strive for personal growth and career challenges? Then you should come work with us! We're interested in investing in your core streghts and development. Whether you will start off your career in IT Business Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Testing, Software Development; at BearingPoint we offer you an international career where entrepreneurship is rewarded. We believe that in the daily business customer orientation is the lifeline when it comes to achieving strategic and operational objectives, which are based on a world class customer service and customer experience. Therefore we expect you to make an active contribution to the achievement of business strategies in the area of Sales & Marketing, Social Media and Recruitment and that you are participating in social projects of BearingPoint Caribbean. Our team works with passion and belief in what they do. Working with us is a great experience. The passion in the workplace is contagious and at the same time is what connects our employees outside of work. Are you up for the challenge? Mail our recruiter at:

  3. Application Procedure

    Does living and working in the Caribbean sound like music to your ears? Do you want to connect with other cultures? Do you want to work in an interesting role with career opportunities within a dynamic organization? Then we want you! After you apply, you will receive a reply within 5 days. If there is a match between your profile and the job , you will be invited for a personal or Skype interview with our recruiter. The ins and outs of this interview, based on the further elaboration of your resume and your first impression, will be discussed with the hiring manager and in case of positive feedback you will be invited for a second and more in-depth interview with the hiring manager. Given the long distance, this interview will take place through Skype. If positive feedback occurs, you will be further introduced to our HR manager and facility manager who will discuss employment conditions and facility aspects that come with the moving process. We are not just looking for people who fit the job. Within our company we put less emphasis on the years of experience as we focus as much on your knowledge, skills, competencies and personality.

  4. Working with us, whats that like? Meet the testers!

    Hereby will the test team themselves will tell you how they experience working at our HQ in Curaçao. Will you be the colleague they are looking for?

  5. Winner 2014 tells his story!

    Rutger Bouwens won our challenge last year and claimed his prize by travelling to our HQ in Curaçao for an amazing inhouseweek!

  6. A day in the life of our recruiter Shadee Braun

    What is it like to work as a recruiter? How does she spent her days? Want to know more? Keep watching!

  7. Want to become a Business Intelligence Specialist?

    Denis Trapenberg, one of our BI specialists loves to inform you about his daily activities. Keep watching! :)

  8. Want to be hired through our network like Michelle did?

    Michelle tells you all about her experience(s) during the application process. Keep watching!


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