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  1. About Bain & Company London

    About Bain & Company London

    Bain & Company is one of the world's leading business consulting firms. We work with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire. For forty years, we've been passionate about achieving better results for our clients—results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring.

    We advise global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology and mergers & acquisitions, across all industries and geographies.

    We've worked with the majority of the Global 500, thousands of major regional and local companies, and private equity funds representing 75 percent of global equity capital. We are proud of our clients' track record, like the fact that our public clients have historically outperformed the stock market 4 to 1.

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  3. Why Bain?

    Why Bain?

    When the leaders of the world's largest, fastest-growing companies look for help with their most complex challenges, they call Bain & Company. Today, we are at the top of our field, helping organisations—many of which are brands you're familiar with—create change.

    World-changing impact
    Think about the world around you. The chances are great that you have been positively impacted by our work. Learn how you will help transform some of the world's most influential organisations and make a positive impact from day one.

    Bain's supportive culture
    We firmly believe that you can only realise your full potential if you are working with great people in a supportive culture that is constantly focused on helping you be successful. You will find that culture at Bain & Company.

    Future career potential
    Being a consultant gives you unparalleled practical business experience and real­-world training at an early stage of your career. And you’ll be set up for future success, whether at Bain or within the ranks of our global alumni network.

  4. Our people and culture

    Our people and culture

    As a consulting firm, our people are our strongest asset. We recognise the importance of not only recruiting the best talent, but also developing their skills and providing an inclusive culture where everyone can truly flourish.

    What also makes Bain such a great company to work for is the people you get to interact with on a daily basis. Whether it is within your home office, or communicating with Bain colleagues in a city on the other side of the world, we have created a supportive environment which every employee is proud to be a part of.

    Our unique traditions
    It’s not just our interesting work that makes us so special. We have some truly unique traditions that include optional, after-work activities and groups that focus on charity work, sports and artistic pursuits.

    Meet our people
    Bain is made up of extraordinarily talented individuals who all share a collective passion for achieving the very best in everything they do. Check out a few of our 5,000+ global employees in this section.

    Diversity and affinity
    At Bain, we've found that the best solution to a complex problem often comes from a different perspective or a fresh point of view. Discover more about our popular and vibrant diversity programs.

    Women at Bain
    At Bain, women make a profound impact. We aim to hire and retain the world’s most talented female business leaders. And we think and act creatively to help them succeed in the fast-paced consulting environment.

  5. Your Bain career

    Your Bain career

    Driving impact for the world's most influential organisations has led to our own impressive results story: We have grown 15% per year over the last 20 years and expect strong growth this year, which means we're currently hiring for our largest class ever.

    Should you join us, you'll be working alongside our client's CEOs and senior executives, experiencing how your strategic recommendations can shape the landscape of an entire industry—on a global stage. Teamwork is key to our success and our home staffing model is designed to bring out the best in you and your colleagues. You'll make friends around the world and develop deep professional relationships that will prove essential as your career develops, whatever your plans may be.

    What you'll do
    As a strategy consultant at Bain, you'll be exposed to a breadth of experience, working across industries and helping senior executives make the best decisions about their most critical business issues.

    Our home-staffing model
    Bain's home staffing model drives your professional development and the deep relationships you'll develop. Learn more how our consultants benefit from this model.

    Experience the world
    Bain is a global company that provides the opportunity for you to gain experience and make a valuable impact on an international stage. Travel for client work, international transfers, externships, global training programs... and the Bain World Cup!

    Our unique traditions
    Global training
    Bain offers comprehensive, individualised training to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed at Bain and beyond. In fact, we're recognised as the best in the industry at formal and informal training.

    Career flexibility
    We strive to make everyone's career at Bain—short-term and long-term—be as flexible as possible. We love what we do and know that you will too.

  6. The Bain Band

    Bringing the best Bain singers & musicians together.

  7. What Bain looks for

    It may be a cliché, but our people are our strongest asset. Our "product" is our ideas, the solutions to many of the world's most complex challenges. So we are always looking for talented, experienced professionals to join our global team—from those who are still at university to those with successful business or consulting experience. And we go to amazing lengths to attract, hire and develop our truly exceptional people.

    It may be a cliché, but our people are our strongest asset. Our "product" is our ideas, the solutions to many of the world's most complex challenges. So we are always looking for talented, experienced professionals to join our global team—from those who are still at university to those with successful business or consulting experience. And we go to amazing lengths to attract, hire and develop our truly exceptional people.

    But it's not just about GPAs and magna cum laudes. We're looking for all­-rounders, independent thinkers who thrive as part of a team. We recognise that everyone is different and everyone will bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to the team. People who get hired at Bain tend to have leadership experience and deep analytical skills, are comfortable around clients and good at working in a team... and do all of this with a quiet, friendly humility.

    Problem solving
    Consulting is all about helping clients overcome their most vexing challenges so we look for candidates with the ability to frame complex problems, think creatively, find pragmatic solutions and have a Monday-morning plan. Strong problem-solving skills may come in the form of team experience, academic achievement, group involvement or personal projects.

    The ability to lead
    Bain works with, and develops, some of the world's top leaders with the capacity not only to contribute to teams, but to lead them and our clients' organisations to change. Demonstrated leadership, whether through work, school or extracurricular activities, frames your application in a favourable light.

    Results Delivery
    Bain has a proud legacy of generating results that have a positive, measurable impact on the client's objectives and reputations. We want to see how you've been instrumental in making a quantifiable difference to an organisation, project or team's success and that you're able to present it articulately.

    At Bain, passion is non-­negotiable. We look for candidates who are enthusiastic and tenacious about solving puzzles, who yearn to succeed as individuals and as part of a team. In short, people who are committed to creating change in their work and in the world. Passionate people bring energy to client engagements and to Bain, helping both groups achieve extraordinary outcomes.


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