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Atmos UAV
High-tech startup providing engineering and surveying professionals with cutting edge drone technology.14NLDelftDelft
  1. About Atmos UAV

    As a high-tech start-up, our company designs and manufactures reliable aerial observation and data gathering solutions for professional users. Our team consists of expert engineers with a wide variety of technological backgrounds that shares a passion for aeronautics and work in a fast-paced innovative environment. Our newest product is Marlyn - a hybrid drone that successfully and effectively combines the vertical take-off and landing of a helicopter with the efficient horizontal flight of an airplane. The drive to be at the cutting edge of innovation and the passion to create something unique are deeply embedded in our team.

    Our company originates from a project at the Technical University of Delft. With the support of its faculty of Aerospace Engineering, we grew into the fast-growing spin-off company Atmos UAV. Our business is currently expanding and looking for new members to join the team!

    Would you also like to work in a challenging and dynamic environment, like the drone market? If your answer is yes, check the opportunities we offer and let us know.

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  3. The New Hybrid Drone - Marlyn!

    The New Hybrid Drone - Marlyn!

    Marlyn is the latest mapping and surveying hybrid drone by Atmos UAV that combines helicopter flexibility with fixed-wing performance. The unique solution eliminates drawbacks of the previously existing drones, letting you map more land in less time, with the accuracy you need!

    Her ultimate goal is to give professionals across all industries access to the skies, enabling them to further increase their business effectiveness by gathering data in a safer and more efficient way.


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