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DirectorInsight (AMA Partners)
DirectorInsight is a product of AMA Partners, and gives insight in executive pay, corporate governance, proxy voting and financial performance data.20NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. Aniel Mahabier

    Aniel Mahabier

    Founder and Managing Director

    Aniel is a highly experienced commercial HR and business executive....

  2. Oscar Lettinga

    Oscar Lettinga

    Senior Quantitative Analyst

    Oscar has a degree in mathematics and is within DirectorInsight...

  3. Gavin Hewitt

    Gavin Hewitt

    Senior Developer

    Gavin, has over 10 years of experience in front and...

  4. Simon Plantinga

    Simon Plantinga

    Senior Developer

    Simon has a Phd in Mathematics and Physical sciences. He...

  5. Marek Skiba

    Marek Skiba


    Marek has a Bachelor and Master's Degree in Informatics, obtained...

  6. Benjamin Konjanan

    Benjamin Konjanan

    Senior Database Specialist

    Ben’s responsibility is to make sure the high quality of...

  7. Iris Gushi

    Iris Gushi

    European Equity Research Analyst

    Iris completed her Bachelor of Economics and Regional Development at...

  8. Meizaroh


    European Equity Research Analyst

    Meizaroh holds a Master in Business Administration (UvA) and a...

  9. Edna Twumwaa Frimpong

    Edna Twumwaa Frimpong

    U.K. Equity Research Analyst

    Edna holds a degree in LLM Finance and Law Programme...

  10. Ziloy Croughs

    Ziloy Croughs

    Benelux Equity Research Analyst

    Ziloy completed his Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics at...

  11. Folorunsho Atteh

    Folorunsho Atteh

    U.S. Equity Research Analyst

    Folorunsho completed his Barrister at Law at the Nigerian Law...

  12. Danai Kekatou

    Danai Kekatou

    U.S. Equity Research Intern

    Danai is completing her Masters in Finance; Duisenberg Honours Programme...

  13. Eni Iljazi

    Eni Iljazi

    U.S. Equity Research Intern

    Eni completed her Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business...

  14. Thao Nguyen

    Thao Nguyen

    U.S. Equity Research Intern

    Thao completed her Bachelor of Science in International Business Management...

  15. Jonél Jordaan

    Jonél Jordaan

    Office Manager

    Jonél Jordaan is responsible for the recruitment, HR and online...

  16. Sasmita Tjhie

    Sasmita Tjhie

    Information Technology Intern/ Junior Developer

    Sasmita is currently obtaining his Bachelor in Mathematical Engineering /...

  17. Otteran Ludachris

    Otteran Ludachris

    Information Technology Intern

    Otteran is currently obtaining his Bachelors degree in Mathematical Engineering...

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