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The ALTRAN Group was founded in 1982 and is the Global leader in innovation and high-technology consulting. Our mission is to bring our clients' ideas and projects to life and boost their performa...20000NLSchipholHaarlemmermeer
  1. About Altran

    The ALTRAN Group was founded in 1982 and is the Global leader in innovation and high-technology consulting. Our mission is to bring our clients' ideas and projects to life and boost their performance through technology and innovation. As a strategic partner, Altran offers its customers global project support while guaranteeing a consistent level of service. In order to offer specific support to dedicated local markets, Altran has chosen to keep a local dimension in order to better serve specific dedicated markets.

    In The Netherlands, Altran employs more than 170 consultants and provides services to key players in Automotive, Transportation, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Industry, Energy, Life Sciences, Telecommunications and the Finance - or Public Sector. Where creative ideas become a reality, Altran consultants step up to transform them into innovative solutions that can enable technological progress covering multi disciplinary and complementary expertises: innovation management, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, embedded and critical systems, information systems and performance management. The Altran Group employs more than 20000 consultants in 20 countries. In 2011, it achieved the revenue of 1.420 billion Euros.

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  3. Corporate Social Responsibility

    Our goal is to share a common vision. It is the desire to implement a responsible strategy focused on constant progress which is sustainable, measurable and backed by strong and simple values, which all of our employees can identify with and invest in. Via its Innovation and IT systems Consulting business, Altran interacts with society at large and the company’s stakeholders on several levels, notably with regards to its: 1. clients, who receive daily support from our consultants working on client missions and are at the core of our strategy; 2. network of 20,000 employees, the Group’s main asset; 3. shareholders, who stand to benefit from a return to profitable growth, thanks to the ambitious objectives targeted; 4. suppliers, SMEs and economic growth, via our support to sheltered companies and the development of an innovation ecosystem; 5. Relations with the grandes écoles (French prestigious schools), universities and institutions, via our dedicated programme to foster partnerships with further-education establishments, universities and institutions; and 6. contacts with a wide range of players, via strategic partnerships and the Altran Innovation Foundation. After analysing the impacts of innovation consulting and the responsibility of Altran regarding its effect on society, we have identified three areas of commitment with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Being a partner of excellence Being a responsible employer Being a committed player

  4. Career Opportunities

    Upon their arrival, Altran provides its new staff members (whether young graduates or experienced candidates) with a customised integration programme which allows them to deepen their knowledge of the Group, its activities and processes, and the opportunities it offers for professional development. Some countries will organise a specific seminar which provides the opportunity for new staff members to meet the important people in their area (manager, sponsor, HR manager and administrative teams) who will support them throughout their career within the Group. Multiple opportunities within a structured career path While Altran expects its consultants to provide its clients with a high level of commitment, the Group is also aware of its own commitment to provide its staff with opportunities for both personal and professional development. The goal of Altran's human resources strategy is to foster loyalty and reward talent. Our aim is to give our staff innovative opportunities, which will allow them to continue to learn and progress to each stage in their career as part of an organised path. The development of knowledge and skills is a constant and essential part of the Altran experience. Training academies in major countries Each country has a training academy charged with meeting the specific needs of staff in each country, in the following areas: Technology Languages Project and team management Business development Personal development

  5. The Role Of The Consultant

    Altran's consultants provide our clients with innovative solutions to help them design better products, services and manufacturing processes, or improve existing ones. Consultants operate on many levels, depending on their experience, particularly in research and development, project management and contract management. As consultant engineers specialising in innovative technologies, they master all their high tech issues and solutions. Our consultants know how to identify new problems and find the corresponding innovative solutions. They design and improve our clients' products, processes, services and manufacturing techniques using detailed analysis of the current situation and/or through their knowledge of current practice. As a consultant, you will have to find pertinent, innovative solutions to some of the most challenging problems. Required technical competences Our consultants must be skilled in one or more of the following areas: physical sciences, electronics, signal processing, scientific computing, automated control engineering, reliability, methodology, telecommunications, production management and technical engineering, etc. As a young graduate joining Altran, your first role as consultant will see you working with our clients in close conjunction with managers, industry leaders and project managers. You will see your career progress in line with your expectations and your competences. Team spirit, client focus Our consultants work on projects as a team, either at our premises or on-site with our clients. These projects are managed by senior consultants who have the technical expertise needed to manage the team. This allows our consultants to regularly build on the expertise and knowledge which they need to contribute to future projects. Altran's experience in its skills areas and in its markets allows it to offer its clients a variable level of support and of commitment adapted to their individual needs. Altran consultants may equally be involved as technical assistance or as part of the project team, or as project organisation with a level of commitment in terms of quality or results, costs and deadlines. Major career opportunities Consultants benefit from a wide range of opportunities, in terms of industry practices, level of involvement and/or field of responsibility (expertise, technical project management, team management, commercial development, etc.).

  6. Recruitment Procedure

    Each application is analysed by the HR and operational teams and will be replied to individually. The assessment process takes into account your training, your knowledge and technical competences, and your interpersonal skills and motivations. If your application is successful, you will be invited to one or more interviews with our business managers. The first interview, which may take place as a group session, is aimed at getting to know you, giving you an introduction to the Group and assessing your motivation regarding the job on offer. If this first interview has a positive outcome, you will be invited to a second interview with a business manager, consultant or executive manager. This interview will allow the assessment of your technical and personal skills to be completed. It can also provide an assessment of your behavioural skills in professional situations (role play, simulation, etc.). At the end of the second interview, you may be invited to a third interview led by the entity's executive management. This is designed to confirm the previous assessments and broach certain elements of the employment contract. If the outcome is positive, you will be invited to a meeting to finalise your recruitment process. Additional interviews may be conducted, if deemed necessary, before the employment contract is offered.

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