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Aimforthemoon is een corporate-startup studio. We creëren nieuwe startups met corporates als Miele, Sony, en 100 andere bedrijven. Onze missie? Impact op 100 miljoen mensen in 2025.20NLAmsterdam
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25 days ago
We are growing FAST! We are looking for 3 NEW professionals to join our support team 👉

Who knows the right person to join our startup studio?

Aimforthemoon is a corporate-startup studio. We start and launch new impact businesses from scratch with large organizations like Miele, Wolters Kluwer, Sony Music and many more.

We currently have 3 new job openings:

★ Corporate Innovation Lead: responsible for the corporate delivery of our corporate-startup partnerships
★ Operations Lead: execute and streamline our backoffice operations towards the next growth phase
★ Startup Team Coach: empower corporate-startup teams to achieve impactful results

Do you know / are you the right person? Let us know 👇
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2 months ago
FREE PLAYBOOK: How to build an impact business with a corporate partner 👇

Based on 75+ corporate partnerships (like Miele, De Volksbank, Sony, Wolters Kluwer) we’ve created new profitable businesses at 38% success rate.

Here’s the framework we us at Aimforthemoon:

1️⃣ EXPLORE: Start with a strategic opportunity

2️⃣ MATCH: Create an A-team (both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs)

3️⃣ SCAN: Define solution directions that solve the biggest pains for the most interesting target audience

4️⃣ TEST: Experiment until a validated solution is created

5️⃣ BUILD: Build the first scalable version of the solution and validate the business model & growth engine

6️⃣ GROW: Grow the solution towards a profitable, fast-growing, high-impact business

All phases, checklists & tools are included in the Corporate-Startup Playbook 📖

👉 Read / download it here:
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3 months ago
We are proud to present Mo Gawdat, our first international guest for Moonshot Stories on Thursday October 4th.

Mo is serial entrepreneur, author of the book Solve for Happy and former Chief Business Officer at Google X.

Apply for an invite at

During the event Mo will share his personal and entrepreneurial journey to inspire others to dream big, but start small. His ups and downs as a child, as serial entrepreneurial, at Google X and towards his latest moonshot: "one billion happy people”.
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