As a recruiter you get numbers of applications per opportunity. This can be in the tens, hundreds or depending on the size of your organisation, maybe even thousands…

This is a necessary evil. The more applicants you have, the more you compare and pick the very best one (or ones). Then you continue on to the next step of your selection process.

All fine and dandy, but have you ever stopped for a second to think about the applicants that didn’t make the cut?

You can of course argue that they are not your responsibility. By simply not answering they will get the gist and move on, right? “This is just how it goes.” “They’ll get over it.” “No harm done.”

Trump Wrong

Wrong Graduates will get better, grow and evolve. Be it at your company or at someone else’s.

One can take the easy road and let another company do the heavy lifting, e.g. training, coaching and developing talent. Eventually, one day when they are vetted professionals, just convince them to do their (then well polished) craft at your company. Easy, efficient, and viciously smart you might say..

Genius Guy

However… Recruiters tend to neglect the fact that the entry level applicant of today, could be the experienced professional you’ll need 5 to 10 years from now. When that time comes, he can view your company as a place he/she holds highly, and is glad to finally be granted a shot at,

Or as the place that failed to validate him/her before, and now he feels nothing for.

Employer branding comes in many forms you see. How you are perceived as an employer and company, as with many things, is in the details.

I know you don’t have time to go over all of them, let alone respond to each personally. Most large companies have automated systems anyway.

But… A little feedback, just a couple words as to why they were not selected, can have a huge impact not just on the person you are turning down, but also on you and the company.

If you are interested in your employer perception in anyway, perhaps just some food for thought: Don’t be a dick.

Your future you will thank you.

Shower Guy