Technology. For some it’s the source of new tools to master, allowing for endless possibilities. For others, it’s evil techno-magic brought forth from the dark depths of hell… ok, perhaps that’s slightly hyperbolic. But it is safe to say not everyone is equally comfortable with this so called “rise of the machines”.

Skeleton Eyes

To say the advent of LinkedIn has had an “impact” in recruitment is like saying the advent of iTunes had an “impact” in music. At it’s core it remains the same, e.g.: people make music, people buy music. In a sense the same goes for recruiting: people need jobs, and companies need jobs filled. What did change drastically is the ‘how’ this process gets about.

Daft Punk

It is no longer about putting an ad out on a job board or newspaper (yeah, remember those?) and waiting for candidates to find you. Let’s not even speak of having to keep your fingers crossed hoping the right one(s) happen to had seen your ad and came along. The internet has made way for a very different process.

Blond chick

Technology has given rise to a very different beast that demands recruiters to be skilled in all arts of online self-promotion. Not too dissimilar to modern day online celebrities (just with far less Instagram followers), it’s all about honing your own or employer brand with a LinkedIn page, website, blog, articles, posts, etc. etc.. As technology continues to become smarter, faster and more capable, this will open up more opportunities for recruiters to become that much better and efficient at their job. That is, if they can adapt.

Orb Man

“Professional networks” like LinkedIn allow access to all relevant data in a quick and easy package. Has it become far less personal and human? 1, ahum I mean ‘Yes’ (binary joke). But is that a bad thing? Especially looking at all the new things it allows: The world’s professional talent at your fingertips, all there for you to tap into.

Burning Skeleton

For better or for worse (depending whom you ask), technology continues changing how we do all aspects of everyday life, both leisure and professional. Some prefer to fight it, others decide to embrace it.

Learn to master its new and wicked ways, and you will be rewarded with cosmic powers (metaphorically that is… ). Becoming an online warlock not your thing? Well, buckle up. Consensus says Skynet is here to stay; And unless you join the team, you might just find yourself Terminated (pun obviously intended).