We have all come to realise that in this day and age technology has taken over the minds of the youth. But what does this mean for the employers of this era? Well as we know, looking vibrant, exciting and just simply being with the time is half the battle won.


Just writing this I wonder to myself… why would employer branding be such a vital thing anyway? The answer became apparent to me at the moment I thought back to my time as a student looking to find a quality graduate job. At the time I was looking to make connection with any company that I thought was going to give me the “sweetest” deal. What do I mean by the sweetest deal exactly? Well the two factors I really took into consideration were how large the salary would be and how well-known the company was.

Looking back if I’m honest I had no clue what I was looking for, because employer branding at the time was not appealing to me. All I knew was that there were “big companies” and those companies were seen as “cool employers” to work for. This can’t be all there is to Employer branding surely. However, I think this may have had something to do with my generation. If I were compare things to how they are now, things have clearly changed. Graduates today are looking for things like purpose, opportunity for development, culture and having possibilities to go above and beyond their actual job description.

One thing I do know is that having a good employer brand never hurt anyone. The way in which employers go about it matters more, sending out mass emails and basically spamming job seekers is not a good way to give a sense of your company brand. Employers need to look for more innovative, 21st century ways of attracting possible candidates. Think this falls somewhere into the technological realm. Knowing millennials, they seem to have this attachment to things like social media, apps and modern day innovations .

This type of innovation (i.e. placing focus on how you perform your branding) is becoming increasingly important because of the technologically driven students and graduates of this day and age. When one starts ticking these branding boxes, things like the time and cost per hire will decrease. The productivity of employees and the referral rate will both drastically increase. A powerful employer brand can help any company rock the talent market, that in turn will power the workforce that keeps the cogs of a company turning with an everlasting effect.


The funny thing is, because of the era we live in, having a good employer brand may just allow “smaller” companies to sneak ahead of the “bigger/cooler companies” out there. All very interesting but I guess now the biggest question is: how do “I”, the employer, brand my company innovatively enough to get the attention these highly sought after millennials? Oh just by the way, I have the number of a self-proclaimed fortune teller, maybe he can help you with that!!