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“The 2 Things Students Look for Most In Job Ads”

You know, it sometimes feels odd to formulate opinions about job ads, recruitment practices and employer branding while having as much experience in graduate recruitment as Gordon Ramsay does in Ethics & Compliance.

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“3 Holy Graduate Recruitment Tips from 1 Unholy Salesperson”

Sales people. Those pushy, uninspired stains who invade your time, selling stuff you never asked for. They offer something useful for once? Yes we do. I say ‘we’ because I happen to slip in that function more often than not. Cotton candy words have gotten me far in writing, sales and … wait, no, it’s not that kind of article. Now, I’m not saying my sales trickery is great, but if I grew tomatoes - they’d come up sliced. The clumsy point I’m trying to make is that regardless of the negative image we carry, salespeople and (graduate) recruiters are two sides of the same coin.

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“Your blasted job descriptions make no sense”

Listen, I love irony. Irony is life’s poetry with the volume cranked up. You know what I mean. Like when the movie ‘NOAH’ came out, and one of the screenings in Arizona got canceled due to flooding. The comedy writes itself! It will come as a shocker to absolutely nobody that graduate recruitment is also riddled with a bad case of irony. While it’s funny at times, some of these issues pose a serious problem for both recruiters and students that few have addressed so far. I call this next number, ‘Your blasted job descriptions make no sense’!

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