1 in 4 young professionals is
unhappy with their job.

We think it's time for a change.

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In many ways, finding love is very similar to finding the right job. It’s easy to be seduced into making the wrong choice. And breakups can be really hard.

On Magnet.me we make it easier for students and young professionals to find a job they love.

The research

1 in 4 young professionals is unhappy with their current job.

Key factors that affect the extent to which young professionals love their job are their management and colleagues. Opportunities to grow and company culture are important too.

Here are some points to pay attention to.

These will make it easier to find a job you love.

Who will I work with in this company?

Management and colleagues are named as the most important causes of (dis)satisfaction at work. Assess your potential manager and colleague just as much as they’re assessing you.

How can I grow within the company?

Opportunities to grow are different within each company. Research what that looks like at the company you’re applying to, what that timeline looks like and what is expected from you as an employee to reach these next steps.

What is the company culture like?

Ask for concrete examples of the company culture to see whether it matches your workstyle. Also check out their vibe through the company’s office photos and videos on Magnet.me.

Magnet.me helps students and young professionals
to find the internship or job they love.