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You’ve been invited to apply

We’ve developed a new feature that lets companies easily and quickly reach out to top candidates for their opportunities. At the same time, it lets students quickly and easily respond to the interest of companies.

Every day, hundreds of messages are being sent through – from potential employers to potential new colleagues and vice versa. Many of these messages are essentially invitations to apply for a job, internship or event and are – let’s be honest – very similar.

Instead of sending (similar) messages all the time, we figured we could make this a lot easier, saving both sides a lot of time.

Ok, so how does it work?

A recruiter is going through their network and sees a great candidate for that one opportunity. Based on the candidate’s profile and availability, they can then be instantly invited to apply, instead of being invited through a plain message. The student will then receive an invite both through email and the app. The invitation does not only contain information about the opportunity, but also three possible ‘answers’ to the invite: view and apply, remind me later and dismiss. If enabled, the student can also ask a question to the person who invited him/her.

If the student clicks view & apply, it will take him/her to the concerning opportunity page on, where (s)he can find more information and decide whether or not to directly apply.

Clicking remind me later saves the opportunity for the student. The opportunity can then be found in the ‘Saved opportunities’ section and will trigger a reminder email before its application deadline.

Finally, there is the option to dismiss. Instead of writing a message back (or not replying at all), students can now just choose to dismiss the invitation. The company won’t get any notification of this, but this makes sure that a student does not get any reminders and we will use this information to send even better company and opportunity suggestions to the student in the future.

How about personal messages?

Well, they remain a very important part of Personal, easy and direct contact between students and companies is one of the cornerstones on which was built. And that will remain the case. We only made one aspect of that personal, easy and direct contact a bit easier.