Attention is a commodity that’s getting more scarce every year. Also for recruiters (trust us, we know). This means that it’s getting more and more important to really make use of every second that their eyes meet your profile by making an impression that’s memorable. We already discussed how adding a profile photo makes your profile more personal, so this time we’ll focus on the words in your headline.

Step 1: Lose the buzzwords.

When you consider that recruiters quickly scan multiple profiles to find something remarkable, having a collection of buzzwords as a headline will not give you an edge over the rest. It will be scanned by a recruiter, but reveal so little about you that they will be left unintrigued and move on to the next profile. A small change of words might just keep them around.

So which words are better left unwritten? We’re talking about the notorious career power words and phrases like “motivated”, “driven”, “passionate”, and “looking for a challenge”. We’re definitely not the first one saying this, but they’re extremely overused – really just as original as calling your cat “Tiger” – which makes these words way less meaningful and effective to use in order to be noticed. Definitely when you’re using them without saying the what, how or why!

Step 2: Show personality.

Ok, so much about losing the buzzwords. Now let’s get into writing a strong headline that makes people want to learn more about you. We’re aware that you won’t be able to fit the full story of your life in there, but that’s not the goal here. The goal is to capture interest, show you’re human, and most of all show personality. Yes, it’s only 70 characters, and we know it requires some creativity (and a little effort) to get the right combination of words in there, but we really believe that you should still be able to give recruiters some idea of who you are and what you’re about.

And after all, a lot of you said you were looking for a challenge, so here it is. 😉

We’ll leave you with these two headlines and let you decide which one does a better job conveying personality.

A) I Graduated. I’m enthusiastic. Now looking for a job.

B) Just graduated! YEAH! On to the next chapter. 🙂

Feel like updating your headline? Update your headline right away.