how to work on your career during corona

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Work on your career during the corona-crisis with these 6 tips

Everyone is aware of the effect the Corona crisis has on their career. Students are wondering when they will be able to take their exams, people with jobs have suddenly become unsure of their employment, and entrepreneurs try to stay afloat despite the drastic measures that have been taken. 

Fortunately, help was quickly on its way. Exams are postponed and governmental support ensures that fewer people will lose their jobs and prevents companies from going bankrupt immediately. But what if you are looking for a job right now? No worries, we have some useful tips so you can still work on your career.

1. Update your profile(s)

When it comes to finding a new job, there is nothing more important than showing recruiters what you’re capable of. Therefore, make sure that all your profiles, for example, those on or LinkedIn, are completely up to date. Add your most recent work experience, mention the certificates you have obtained, and explain all other relevant information that will help you make a great impression.

2. Professional photo time!

A professional photo ensures that recruiters approach you twice as often (compared to profiles without a photo). Therefore, it is a really simple way to increase your chances of finding a job. A professional photo is easily taken from home. Make sure you’ve got good lighting, wear an outfit you would also wear to work, and look straight into the camera with a big smile on your face.

3. Know exactly what you want – but be flexible as well

Knowing what you want is an important step in the process of looking for a job. In a conversation with, the successful CEO of Plugify, Eline Leijten, explained that the best way to do this is to ask yourself a couple of questions, such as:

  • What makes you happy? 
  • What are you good at? 
  • What kind of working environment are you looking for? 
  • How much do you want to earn? 

The sky is the limit, and we want to motivate you to find a job you truly love. However, during these uncertain times, you should also realise that you might have to sacrifice things here and there in order to still find a job. So, during your job-hunt, don’t be afraid to consider options that you haven’t considered choosing before. Certain industries and job position are easier to land a job in than others right now.

4. Work on your (online) network

Employers don’t exactly know what the future holds right now, which means recruiters are a little more reserved when it comes to hiring people. Don’t let this stop you and use this time to expand your network. Get in touch with people at companies you can see yourself working at, start chatting with recruiters and make sure to plan some orienting (video)calls with them. Make a good impression today, so you will be at the top of their ‘who-to-call’ list when they start actively recruiting for a certain position again.

5. And work on yourself

It is frustrating when you’re full of enthusiasm and energy to land a job you love, only to be forced (for an important reason, of course) to stay at home. It might feel like waiting for developments in the job market is all you can do right now. Therefore, waiting is exactly what you shouldn’t right now.

Thus, work on yourself every day! Use this time to work on your personal development. This way, you will have an answer to the interview question: “what did you do whilst you were stuck at home?”. Telling a recruiter that you’ve rewatched all seasons of Suits is not exactly the achievement you want to share. What you do want to share for example is: the fact that you now speak a new language, you taught yourself how to code or you have now become a master in photoshopping.

6. Help others

Whilst your biggest challenge is finding a job, there are also people that are working extremely hard to take care of us, or even fighting for their own health. Ask around to see if you are able to contribute to something in your own way Helping others is very important and educational. You will never regret helping others. 

Working on your career during uncertain times like these probably wasn’t the initial plan you had in mind, but with these tips, you can definitely make it work! Use the extra time you have to expand your network, to further develop yourself and to help others.