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Will Windridge 🖤 The Inner Circle

Will Windridge – English Literature and Language graduate from Swansea University

After spending literally months scouring through Indeed and applying to countless opportunities without getting much back, I decided I needed a change. Sick of Indeed, I did a quick Google search for “Graduate careers website” which resulted in Magnet.me. Once signed up, I spent a single evening making my profile the best that I could – which was super simple and easy to create – and within 3 weeks, I had a job offer!

I spent a few weeks browsing through Magnet.me, it was great to see the different options available to me – without overcrowding, or endless searching. Magnet.me was definitely more interactive than Indeed, and I found it super easy to work through the options available to me. However, luckily, I got the job so quick I didn’t really have much time to do any more searching – not that I am complaining.

I was approached, by direct message, from the CEO of The Inner Circle with an offer to apply to the Partnership Associate – an opportunity I didn’t think would apply to me and from a company I had never heard of. A quick Google of the company and I was sold, it looked to be a great opportunity from a company I may not have considered normally. I have always loved the idea of working for a small company, I never thought that small company I would end up working for would be a dating app – that’s the joy of Magnet.me, you are matched to things you would have never come across on your own. So, in my eyes, without Magnet.me I would not have ended up in this awesome position and company.