There are a lot of companies in the world you could work for that you have never heard of, or encountered. However, having a career in FMCG must be something you are aware of. Well definitely, if you eat and drink every day. Which I’m assuming you do.

So what does it stand for?

FMCG = Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry.

But what does that mean?

What it means is that these companies are in the business of selling stuff that moves fast. “Like cars?” No. More like: goods that are quick to leave (and reappear on) the shelves. So, basically food, drinks, toiletries… etc.

Due to its nature; the industry is constantly looking for agile thinkers and quick learners. Sound like you would like to have a career in the FMCG field? Well, if you’re willing to work hard to grow fast – keep reading.

Now you ask, why would I want a career within the FMCG Industry?

  1. We are all consumers
  2. There are a shit tonne of us on the planet
  3. We all need to eat, drink and wash (sometimes)

= Thriving market

Ok, so they’re big names, but why’s that beneficial?

Large companies = flexibility. Numerous opportunities, possibilities and positions to work your way up through. The option for transferring across and within departments is also a massive perk. Valuable experience in more than one area, while keeping work fun, new and interesting… Where are the negatives?

Not sure you’ll like it?

A whole bunch of the skills you’ll hone during your time having a career in FMCG will be beneficial for other jobs: customer service skills, decision making, being a team player and working under pressure. Decide to pursue something else later on? No problem, most likely you’ll still have relevant experience.

It also looks great on your CV.

It’s a high profile industry and the big players are pretty recognisable names. This makes any experience in the sector a great addition to your CV (or profile). Imagine just dropping into conversation ‘Oh yeah I worked for this company, Coca-Cola, you may have heard of them’.

So what’s not to like?

Lazy? Graduate jobs within FMCG probably aren’t for you, the fast moving environment favours the pro-active. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out…surprise!

If this sounds too good to be true, try connecting with some of these guys on

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  • Nestle– Coffee, confectionary and Nesquik… Is there anything left to say?
  • L’Oreal– We’re all familiar with L’oreal, so for a career as silky and smooth as your hair why not check out them out. Because you’re worth it…right?
  • Procter & Gamble– Odds are there’s a P&G product in each room of your house, from kitchen to bathroom they dominate household goods.
  • Coca-Cola– Unless you spent most your life under a rock there’s no way you can remember a time that you didn’t know what Coca-Cola was. Plus the Christmas adverts must be one of the most highly anticipated each year, sold?
  • Unilever– the biggest and most badass of all FMCG’s (maybe) also, they have free ice cream at all of their offices all day erry day!

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